• South El Monte Resident

    The sad part is that she’s the one that’s called every single news station and newspaper to bring attention to herself, that’s just pathetic!!! Really, for someone who claims to have a lot of work on her plate, she seems to have a lot of time to hold interviews to talk about herself!!!!!!!!!!!

  • West Covina Watcher

    Not another blog on this nutty mayor.

    Next she can call President Bush and get him to invade the city of South El Monte so she can become the supreme ruler.

    I beleive someone found weapons of mass destruction at her home. (Dirty size 10x underwear and empty pizza boxes, along with chicken bones scattered across her living room)

    Don’t do it President Bush!

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone bothered to look for Osama bin Laden at her house??

    He might be hiding out under all those pizza boxes.

    Can someone also look under her dirty underwear to see if they can find her feet. I dont think she has seen her own feet in over 10 years!

  • Anonymous

    Here you all go again with nasty mean comments. Obviously it is a smear campaign against the mayor. You all should be ashamed of yourselves to write such horrible things. Especially you Joseph Gonzales, You bad mouth the mayor all over town. Making up lies. What kind of a councilmember are you. You always mention her eating chicken. So we all know it is you who has it in for her. Shame on you. Get a life Gonzales.

  • The Real W.C. Watch Dog

    Not West Covina Watcher again. You always have something to say of no substance what’s so ever. You blog on everything. Get a life dude. You have a filthy mind and a gutter mouth. Get some professional help.

  • Anonymous

    I have to hand it to Councilmember Gonzales, he is pretty funny if he really wrote that.

    Thanks for the laughs, but most importantly thank you for taking a stance against that wacky mayor.

    How do the residents of your city support this crazy woman?

    As for the Real W.C. Watch Dog, this is a blog. If you are offended by someones filthy mind and gutter mouth dont read these blogs you idiot.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody bad mouths the mayor. People around town only speak the truth about her behavior and her living conditions at home.

    Maybe people should ask her those tough questions about what she really does at city hall.

    Mr. Gonzales I commend you and your fellow council people for taking a stance against the lunatic mayor.

    For the record, I am a resident of El Monte and actively involved in my community and hear the stories about Mayor Figueroa. My sources involve many of the Mayor’s so called close friends who are fed up with her antics.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Garcia

    Mayor Figueroa we the seniors of South El Monte thank you for all that you do. Don’t pay attention to those councilmembers. They don’t know any better. We were present at the Christmas lunch today and saw what they did to you. We are well aware of their efforts to hurt you and make you look bad. But we know better. we appreciate you as the mayor of this city. We have seen you attend events for our grandchildren through out the city. You do more than enough. It is election time and Gonzales is desperate. He is not a nice person just like his father. God Bless and watch over you. We will all keep you in our prayers. Be careful out there. Especially at night. We will continue to help you in what ever you need.

  • Armando Hernandez

    Mayor Figueroa does not have to worry about her friends. They are loyal and care about her no matter what you all say. You are all cowards because you can’t even sign your name. It is apparent that the city council is taking cheap shots on the mayor. It does not take a brain surgeon to figuere it out….right Louie, Hector and Joseph. Your ship will soon sink. The truth will come out no matter what. You all look bad and stupit for what you did against the mayor and you can’t handle it one bit. Idiots. Mayor Figueroa you keep on doing the work that you were elected to do. These councilmembers are sick and demented. Gonzales is the King Rat Leader of the Pack.
    Good luck and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  • Raymond Ramos Team Dad

    Councilmember Gonzales don’t lie. You do talk very bad abouth the mayor. Councilmember Aguinaga does the same. You forget we are involved in the many sport groups in South El Monte. People on the city speak very well about Mayor Figueroa and you all know it. Don’t try to make up stories Joseph Gonzales. You don’t even live in the city. You live in Whittier. Now, evey body in town knows that to be a fact. Even the entire city council. Am I right. You know I am. You carpet bagger, blad fatso.It is bad when you both talk the way you do about a good honest mayor like Miss Figueroa. Maybe you will learn something for a change, like manners and humility.

  • Samuel Rodriguez-Vietnam Veteran

    You all need to stop writing such comments. Pray for the mayor and city council. They all work well together no matter what. Just look at your city. It has grown within the last five years. It looks much better now that it did 20 years ago That is when we moved to South El Monte. We do like Blanca a lot. She helped us out when we really needed help with our son. She was polite and professional. We will always vote for her no matter what. More power to Mayor Blanca Figueroa. A smart and caring mayor of the people.

  • Anonymous

    All of you people talk about being respectful to one another but yet you completely just tear into one another.

    To Mr. and Mrs. Garcia, Armando Hernandez,
    Raymond Ramos, and Samuel Rodriuez, we all know it you Mayor Figueroa writing from city hall. You don’t fool anyone especially when you don’t even know how to spell.

    Why don’t you just go home to your rat hole and stop using other names to write something positive on yourself.

    If the mayor were really smart and cared for her city she would just stop with stupid antics.

    Merry Christmas to you mayor. I hope you don’t spend it at city hall by yourself.

    I hope you ask Santa for a brain and common sense.

  • Anonymous

    You councilmembers should not throw rocks. You all know better. Why would anyone in their right mind insult so many people? They all have a right to their opinion. Who made this blogger judge and jury? Must be love them and leave them Delgado. He thinks he is hot stuff. NOT. Get it together Delgado you are slipping. I use to repect you and look up to you as a mentor. Sorry not any more. Why would you go with the other two idiots? They are no better. I am disapointed in you as the Vice Mayor.



  • Concerned Resident

    I Live in South El Monte, Population 23, 000…. Seriously, this lady doesn’t do all that much. She’s a grandstander! I think we all value hard work and dedication, but staying late into the early morning hours consistently is a cause for concern. The Mayor has said many times during City Council Meetings that her home is inadequate. For anyone who knows our Mayor knows she suffers from many health problems which she herself has continued to make public to the community. Her being at City Hall late into the early morning hours is not to get city business but to find a warm place that has the makings of a studio apartment, i.e. restroom, couch, Cable TV, & internet. Its evident that all this national and international attention has been brought on by her, after all it is an election year. her primary income is her monthly stipend. If you haven’t understood by now, her lively hood rests on remaining on this council. Mayor Figueora has without a doubt been a dedicated public servant its just unfortunate it has come to this. I think there are more pressing issues our city should consider. 1. Our City Management, which is evident we don’t have any, but why would you need a city manager when you got council member Louie Aguinaga & Hector Delgado calling all the shots. I don’t believe their safety concern for the mayor was genuine. it was done with malicious intent to embarrass her. However credit must be given to the Mayor for spinning it in her favor. lol. I can’t say much about council woman Angelica Garcia due to the fact that she’s a “yes” vote for Luoie and Hector and because she’s the least visible of them all. you can’t quote or misquote her because she doesn’t say much on top of the fact that she doesn’t do much. I’m surprised the Mayor hasn’t called Hector and Angelica out on their relationship as in “together”. I’ve also read somewhere that Council Member Joseph Gonzales lives in Whittier. What’s that all about? Many times you can find Joseph Gonzalez at community events or the local park and community center either coaching or talking to residents. I’m sure Mr. Gonzalez has no problem with anyone stopping by his house in South El Monte to have a chat. If any of the five have the most common sense its Council Member Gonzalez. Mayor Figueroa thanks for all your hard work through the years, but I think it’s about time you call it quits. Its obvious you need rest and relaxation. someone with your medical needs shouldn’t be going through this. Do what’s best for yourself and this Great city. As for Mr. Aguinaga, your two butt cheeks Hector and Angelica won’t be around for long. get with the times and get back to the interest of your community not yours and Hectors special interest. As for Hector and Angelica, I hope the relationship lasts as long as you guys have been in office, but I strongly believe the community will soon enough come to the realization that you both serve no purpose, especially Ms. Garcia who is refered to in the community as Hector’s chick and the pretty lady who sits and looks pretty. Shame on those who thought you might actually do something. As for Mr. Gonzalez, keep up the Great work and don’t get caught up in the many schemes the other three have going.

  • South El Monte Resident

    It is clear to us all, that John Gonzales and Joseph wrote this article together. They heve viciously attacked everyone on the city council. That is pathetic Joseph. You act like your poop doesn’t stink. You are certainly not any better than the rest. Get some professional help for feeling insecure and alone.

  • Anonymous

    Concerned Resident for your information, the entire city council calls the shots. It goes to the vote of the mayor and council of four. It takes a a vote of the council to approve what get done in the city.Check out your facts.

  • Anonymous Resident

    Why do you the councilmembers of South El Monte hate the mayor so much. I have attened several meetings. You all seem to vote on the same items except for Joseph Gonzales. He always causes trouble. Why the change. Is he up for election in November of 2009? Watch your backs. He will use you all to help himself. Divide and conquer, that is his style. Can’t wait to see the joint Christmas card you all will appear on.

  • Mr. Ramos

    The whole city council needs to stop and regroup. You all have done a wonderful job to make our city grow and look better. Forget attacking the mayor. She does what sge has to. That is why she is the mayor… remember. You all supported her on her re-election. She even supporeted you all. I still have all the mailers. Work together please. That is all we ask of you five. How ever is giving you bad advice needs to stop. He must not be a good person or a Christian.