Immigration up for discussion

It’s back.

The debate over whether to allow day laborers to solicit work in parking lots is up for discussion — again — at Baldwin Park City Hall tonight.

According to the City Council’s agenda, Councilman Anthony Bejarano asked that the infamous Ordinance No. 1310 be placed on the agenda for a second reading tonight.

Baldwin Park has unsuccessfully tried several times to address the day laborer situation at its Puente Avenue Home Depot since the summer of 2007. But pressure from Latino advocacy groups like the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund have squashed those efforts.

The most recent one was about a year ago. The proposed ordinance — 1310 — would have limited the uses of parking lots for things like parking and accessing buildings, and would have banned day laborers from soliciting work or street vendors from selling products there.

The ordinance was tabled before the it could go for a second reading, or final approval.

I can almost guarantee if the council revives this ordinance, MALDEF will be firing up their attorneys pretty quickly.