Office space

Well, I was able to hit about two out of three Mayor’s offices today. My plans — like lots of other commuters — got a little messed up because of a jackknifed big rig that tipped over along the 10 Freeway.

21182-big rig.JPG

So, today I visited the council digs over at Covina City Hall. Boring! The five council members share one office, which is very impersonal.

21183-covina office.JPG

And then there was South El Monte Mayor Blanca Figueroa’s office, which she has worked in for neary five years. The other four council members share one office. Figueroa said that offices to envy are those in El Monte and the office that Baldwin Park Councilman Manny Lozano works out of.

21184-blancas office.JPG


  • West Covina Watcher (The Real West Covina Watcher)

    Holy Shit! Looks like an earthquake hit the mayors office.

    Oh sorry, it was just her walking through the door.

  • West Covina Watcher (The Real West Covina Watcher)

    You have to be kidding me Jennifer?

    How did you get a wide enough lens to fit?

  • Embarrassed for the Tribune

    Are you kidding me… this is how you spend your time. Our cities are facing deep financial hardships and you are writing about the way the council office looks. Truly pathetic…so sad.

  • Anonymous

    West Covina Watcher can really be a jerk. Jennifer I think that any one in office should have what ever pleases them in it. My son had many things in his office just like this mayor has. Some people have nothing better to do than complain. At least she works… And this is bad?
    Get real people.

  • anonymous

    I appreciate the information Jennifer….always good to gain some insight into the various elected officials that represent us. All to often we have no idea of how they operate, conduct our business or what real qualifications they hold. Keep up the good work and continue to shine a light on local goings on.

  • La Puente

    Mayor Figueroa’s office is not bad. It is a reflextion of the people she serves. As long as it is clean and kept up who cares? Prayers and luck to all who serve in all cities. It is a thankless job…especially with a council like the one in So. El Monte.