• West Covina Watcher (The Real West Covina Watcher)

    She reminds me of the infamous Jabba the Hut!

    Hard to make the distinction between the both.

    Go home lady. Get a job and stop living off us tax payers.

  • Anonymous

    There you go being the know it all. You are a joke to all who unfortunetly have to read your bs. Do us all huge favor and get a life dude.

  • Anonymous

    What’s funny is that the attempt to shame her by imposing this curfew seems to have backfired. She’s getting more positive press than anyone could ever have imagined. Christ, the story was is being talked about in British newspapers. All the stories seem to agree that the curfew is a J-O-K-E.

    I don’t know the woman. Maybe she is looney tunes like some of her critics of said, but let’s face it…those of you who were trying to hurt her have only made her stronger.

    I think the “Look before you leap” maxim is applicable here.

  • Rosemead

    I agree with you. A woman who dares to do her work is made fun of. Yet a man would be promoted and glorified. She is not a child to have a silly curfew slapped on her. Councilmener Delgado proved how angry he is regarding his attemps to punish her by writing a letter to the Editor. It only made him and Gonzales show that they are petty.

  • Dog Spot

    Well, at least no one can accuse her of not living in the city!

  • News_Watcher

    I read the article and was not scandalized. A slightly odd grandma type who spends a lot of time at the office, possibly working? Not exactly the worst I’ve heard. Blanca Figueroa does not come off badly.