• Anonymous

    Jennifer why would you title her office a crib? It is reporters like you that cause hateful and nasty comments to move people to write on these blogs. One thing is reporting another is sensationalism. Hasn’t she recievef enough crap from these people who blog? Give the poor woman a break. It is called a OFFICE…just like every one elses.

  • Anonymous

    Seems like there’s about a minute of blank “tape” at the end of the “video” you posted.

    On another post, someone made a comment about “and a lot of food,” and I thought he was just being mean. But this woman has a LOT of food in her office.

    Does Figueroa have a “real” job? Otherwise, I can’t see how being mayor of South El Monte keeps you in the office until 3am.

  • Anonymous

    She mentioned that she is diabetic. She would have to have food. It does not seem a lot to me. In another article it read that she was retired from a school district. Most politicians are retired. It looks fine to me. Nothing out of the ordinary.

  • Rosemead

    We are not in South Central LA, Watts or Compton. You should not be calling this office a crib. Have some respect for elected officials places of work. How rude!

  • Anonymous

    Mayor Figueroa:
    If you are diabetic….give up the carb loaded snacks. The nuts in the Snickers and the cheese flavoring on the Cheetos does not qualify them for a healthy protein rich food choice.

  • West Covina Watcher (The Real West Covina Watcher)

    What a total joke the mayor is! She seems to be occupied with hiding carb loaded snacks through out the office.

    Will someone please tell this woman to go home and stop eating at tax payer expense.

    Has anyone asked who is paying for all those snacks and drinks?


    Go home and buy your own food.

  • West Covina Watcher (The Real West Covina Watcher)

    To Rosemead,

    You should have some respect for those communities you mentioned.

    More importantly the mayor of South El Monte should have some self respect when it comes to her health.

    Look as this poor woman. She has nothing but junk food in her office, but yet she seems to think that Cheetos and Snickers Candy Bars are protein rich.

    She is a walking health disaster!

  • Anonymous








  • Anonymous

    Wow. Censorship at its finest. Changed the title from “crib” (in quotes) to office because of protest? That’s underming of free speech and expression.

    Truth is there are allegations that she lives in city hall. Maybe they are false accusations, but they’ve been made. What’s wrong with a little levity on the blog? As long as it’s good batured, instead of vindictive, who cares? Do we take ourselves that serious these days, what happened to political humor? I thought the video of fig showing off her office, with the mtv cribs joke was hilarious.

  • Anonymous from South El Monte

    She mentioned in an article that she buys her own snacks. The Snickers are for the most part for the Sheriff and Code Enforcement Officers that drop by. She drinks the hot soup from her cup o noodles and drinks cold and hot regular tea with lots of lemon and splenda. She loves fruit, especially mangoes and cheese. Other than that I think many of us do the same at work. At least I know for sure. No big deal. Let the woman work and enjoy herself. She has earned it.

  • Laughing Stock

    Jennifer, awesome job!

    I laughed my butt off! I have watched this video over and over, and it just keeps getting funnier.

    This woman is an absolute moron. She doesn’t even know you are making fun of her.

    Kudos Jennifer, really hilarious. This has to be one of your best pieces.

  • Curious

    Is there any possible way to view the entire video?
    I would like to hear what she says about her office.
    It has some interesting pictures and other things on the walls. She needs to do her work no matter what the council says. She was elected as the mayor correct….not rotated. It is no ones concern what she eats or how late she works. Now she will be arrested for trespassing into her own office. Now that is a dame joke. Not to mention a waste of taxpayers money. The Sheriff need to be out on the streets catching drug dealers, criminals and gangsters. Not the mayor of a city who wants to work!!!

  • Stand up Comedian

    My favorite part is when she says she’s diabetic, then she opens a drawer full of junk food with King Size Snickers.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

    The video gets even better when she mentions how much she loves bean anc cheese burritos.

    I cant imagne what her office smells like when she farts!

    No wonder the city council wants her out! They cant stand the way she stinks the place up!

  • What the Heck

    Jennifer if you did this on purpose to embaress this mayor shame on you. Where are your ehhics as a reporter. I don’t think that your readers are going to appreciate this one bit. You are as bad as some of the bloggers. Is she even aware that you edited this piece on her or not? She let you in her office and spent time with you as respect to you. What kind of bs is this? Wow lady. What a slap in the face of the mayor. As for you, you laughing hyenia rent a video and get a life.

  • Tex-Mex

    Now just wait a minute you racist jerk. What the h— do you have against the mayor or anyone else eatting bean and cheese burritos. You are clearly saying that Mexicans stink because they eat this. What are you going to pick on next you biggot. The snickers are for people who visit with her, like the sheriff. Don’t assume you are smart by your nasty remarks. It only shows what little you know and what a turkey you really are, Stand Up Idiot.

  • Get Real

    Knock it off with the racist remarks you morons. Just because she is Mexican American does not give you the right to attack her. The people liked what they heard and saw and put her into office. Three terms now. That must say something for the person and politician she has become. What a shameful bunch of dummies you two payasos are. You two are the real joke.

  • Pasadena

    Hey you all. What is with the stupit craks about burritos and the mayor? You two must really hate women, especially those that have made a difference in their towns and just happen to be bown complected with a Spanish last name. The mayor has done no wrong. She is serious about her job and does it well. We need more politicians like her that give a dame. Don’t be too quick to kill off some one who makes a difference in their city government. Some of us could learn from her.

  • Anonymous

    People please relax about the whole issue of her eating bean and cheese burritos.

    What I want to know is if the mayor can swallow
    King Size Snickers whole?

    If she can do that, I will move into her city and vote for her.

    That takes talent.

    I wonder how many bags of Hot Cheetos she can eat in one sitting?

  • Laughing Stock

    Hi Jennifer, I wanted to tell you that I watched the video again and I almost wet my pants.

    I love how at the end of the video she says that the “office is not comfortable” but yet she shows us all how she has every amenity of someones home in her office.

    I die laughing when she opens all kinds of secret doors and compartments to show everybody all her wholesome food.

    Thanks Jennifer!

  • To the “crib” haters

    Obviously, Jennifer posted this video with the name crib because it is a play off MTV’s Cribs. It doesn’t mean that Jennifer thinks this is necessarily the mayor’s “crib”. In the show, famous celebrities take people into their homes and show off all the rooms, kitchen and fridge included. Much of like what the mayor did. So to all you crib haters…lay off. Nice work, Jennifer. I found this video very interesting.

  • Bob

    It was interesting. This mayor was open about what she has in her office. She shares her goods with the staff. That is comendable no matter what some of these jokers say. She may have made a huge mistake in trusting Jennifer. The Tribune should of sent a reporter with a code of ethics.

  • Better Homes and Gardens

    Wow, was that the Mayor or the cleaning lady? What a dump of an office. I’d be embarrassed to have residents or business people show at that dump to do business. And what exactly is so pressing in South El Monte that the Mayor can’t get it done during normal business hours? It’s not South Carolina or South Africa. What’s keeping her up at night, thinking up new reasons why junk food is good for a diabetic? I could care less what she eats or drinks or her health conditions. The council has spoken and she must now end her late night antics or be removed as mayor. Oh yea, before I forget: Have a Merry Christmas Mayor Figueroa.

  • Anonymous

    I would be proud to have Ms. Figueroa as our Mayor. Her office is full of many wonderful pictures of ground breakings and projects that she and the city council have made possible. Her many gifts and awards from the entire community prove what a great job she has dome as the Mayor of South El Monte.

  • Anonymous

    Mrs. Figueroa stop trying pump yourself up. Stop writing all those blogs on yourself.

    Evident it is you since you can’t event spell.

    What a bunch of clutter in your home. (oops! Sorry meant your “crip”. oops! Sorry meant your office)

  • Anonymous

    Dude…whats with the Mexican flag?

  • Loco

    15 years? Can you say “Term Limits”? If you haven’t figured out how to do a job during normal working hours in 15 years, I suggest you move on. Sounds like a night watchman (person) job would fit your messed up internal clock/schedule.

  • South El Monte

    Hector Delgado should stop writing crap on the mayor. It all reads and sounds like the way he talks. Right Loco and Anonymous. It doesn’t matter who you accuse of knowing how to spell or not. Not even the mayor can spend that much time on the blogs like you Hector.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t be mistaken…I have a feeling all of these blogs are being written by one person and this person has been trying to turn the City Council against each other…his name is Raul Pardo! Now there’s a guy that’s a complete joke, doesn’t even live in the City!!

  • South El Monte Resident

    Yeah, I saw his name on this other blog too, all of a sudden he’s giving the City advice on redevelopment, that’s hilarious! And he’s the one that for sure has been trying to turn the City Council against one another, I would bet my life on it. You were voted out of office Raul Pardo, so STAY OUT!!! The City Council has been doing such a great job and someone like you WILL not destroy that! Go and bark at your own City!

  • Anonymous

    Why is there a Mexican flag in her office? I really don’t get it. A city flag, county flag, state flag or U.S. flag, I get it. I also noticed the Raza sticker on her folder. I know it’s just a radio station, but the flag and sticker should be considered inappropriate in that environment.