Mills Act could mean big money for owners of historic homes

Anybody living in a home connected to the area’s history should check this out.

Two homeowners in La Verne are applying for the Mills Act, a program that gives property tax back to families that promise to fix up and maintain their old houses. The program can save thousands every year.

The program is popular in some of the area’s older cities, such as Pasadena, Monrovia or Whittier.

Reporter Daniel Tedford called the city, and they said about 10 people in La Verne have applied.

  • Anonymous

    The thing being, I’m sure, is that you need to maintain your home’s historical appearance to get the tax break. They’re giving up development rights in exchange for the tax break, which is better than just taking away someone’s development rights (what “historical status” typically does to a property) for nothing. That’s why many property owners will fight historical designation for their homes.

    If you don’t tell people the whole story, you’re doing the public a disservice.

  • Eric

    Anon is right. In addition, the house in question has to be almost completely original, especially the exterior. Any room additions, change of exterior materials, change of windows, etc. usually disqualifies a home for a Mills Act contract.

    Also, a contract is not typically given to a home that needs “fixing up”; It goes to a house that is usually already in close-to pristine condition. The applicant is restricted to what they can do to the house in the future.