UPDATE: Pay day for West Covina council members

In case you’re wondering:

For the fiscal year 2007-2008

City Manager Andrew Pasmant made $219,320

And here’s what the council members made:

Councilmember     City Council           Development Commission          Total annual pay
Steve Herfert            $9,180                     $7,130                                       $16,310
Roger Hernandez      $9,180                     $7,130                                      $16,310
Sherri Lane               $9,180                    $14,400                                     $23,580
Shelley Sanderson     $9,180                    $14,400                                    $23,580
Mike Touhey              $9,180                    $14,400                                    $23,580

*In response to some of the comments, here is a salary tracker that we together nearly a year ago that details pay for the city managers and top tiered employees. Click here.

And you guys are right, we need to come up with a comparision of pay for council members.