• Anonymous

    The only thing wrong with that ad is false advertising; I bet that girl is NOT at showgirls.

  • JoeDirt

    What is wrong with it? The new sign convinced me to pull over on Hacienda and stop by for a visit. i love that place!

  • Last comic standing

    Is that the mayor of south el monte on that billboard?

    Oh no, she on the one from the L.A. Zoo.

  • Just looking

    It’s just shocking, but I’ll need a better look to be sure.

  • Resident

    Yes – It looks like soft porn, especially with her legs wide open like that.

  • West Covina

    Last Comic Standing the girl on the billboard looks like your boyfriend Ms.Jokester (Poster He-She)from the LA Free Clinic.

  • Anonymous

    It looks like past loser Councilmember, Raul Pardo,in his full drag costume from So.El Monte. He was the driving force for the Casino right next to South El Monte High School. Good riddens.

  • Wanted

    We all know she’s not at the club.

    Who is the model ?

    Anybody got a name ?

  • Anonymous

    who is this chick???

  • omar granados

    I love this girl. Every day see this sign

  • foxi

    i think shes my fiance’s ex slut her name is cecily jarramillo i took an extra look when i passed by the bill board i been trying to find out if its her or not just curious…

  • I call false advertising!! Why don’t they tell me were she REALLY is?? Yes too hot for the freeway, she belongs in my bed 🙂

  • Anonymous

    That billboard was originally erected without a head on the girl in the ad. It was a number of years ago, but someone thought it was objectifing women.