Chu puts name in hat


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Judy Chu, Board of Equalization chariwoman, announced her interest late last night in Rep. Hilda Solis’ seat. Chu lives in Monterey Park, and is a former Assemblwoman and Monterey Park councilwoman. She is married to Assemblyman Mike Eng.

LOS ANGELES – The race for Rep. Hilda Solis’ soon-to-be vacant seat in the House of Representatives grew more crowded Monday, as California Board of Equalization Chair Dr. Judy Chu announced she intends to run.

Solis, D-El Monte, will leave a vacancy in the House of Representatives when she takes a position as Secretary of Labor in President Elect Barack Obama’s cabinet.

“Today I am announcing my intent to run for the seat representing the 32nd Congressional District, parts of which I have represented for the past 23 years,” Chu said in a written statement.

“In the past few days I have received many encouraging calls and e-mails from supporters and constituents urging me to run and I have decided to heed those calls,” she said


  • Blanca M. Figueroa Mayor South El Monte

    Judy Chu would make a fantastic Congresswoman for the constituents of the 32nd District. She has a proven record of leadership and committment. Her 23 years of dedicated service to the people of the San Gabriel Valley, speaks volumes. Who better than someone who has made a posivite difference within many cities. Best wishes.

  • Romero Supporter

    I think Gloria Romero would be my choice for Hilda Solis’ seat in Congress. Chu and her husband have done nothing for the Hispanic community. Romero is our home girl and we should support her. It’s not about race, it’s about working for our communities and Romero wins that contest hands down. By the way, who is the guy in the dress in the picture with Chu? Her waiter at a Chinese restaurant?

  • Confused

    Is Chu the one on right?

  • Anonymous

    To Romero Supporter:
    Since I’m an American, you have just convinced me that if it is a contest between Chu and Romero, I’ll support Chu. I don’t want a congress person who is going to support just one segment of society. And I definitely don’t want to support a “home girl”. You say it isn’t about race, but you made it about race in your first sentence.

    By the way…the guy on the right should be a waiter at a restaurant. He is totally unqualified for the position he now occupies.

  • SGV Latino

    give me a break!!! Romero???? A Home Town Girl? She focuses only in East LA? When I go to events all i see is Dr. Chu, Dr. Hernandez, and Congresswoman Solis and Mike Eng!!! Romero only cares are the east LA crowd… We need someone from the SGV not east LA! If East LA was not part of the district she would not be our be our State Senator nor will she dare run and carpet bag the Solis seat.

  • Anonymous

    Romero defeats Chu. Easily.