Mayor made comment about breast size, employee claims

21321-mike mendez 2.jpgA Norwalk employee filed a lawsuit against Mayor Mike Mendez, who previously worked for the city for nearly 30 years in the parks and recreation department. He’s got a gym named after him at Sante Fe High.

In the 22 page suit, employee Toni Tucker claims Mendez commented about the size of her breasts, hugged and kissed her on the lips, and that he made hand gestures to demonstrate how her breasts had grown, according to the story:

She also said Mendez repeatedly asked if he could visit her at home. At a Dodger Day event in June 2007, Tucker said in her suit that Mendez insisted on sitting next to her, then put an arm around her and put a hand on her knee. He also held her hand while they were in a car, and tried to persuade her to go with him to a conference in Santa Barbara.

Tucker alleges Mendez asked inappropriate questions about her dating life and sexual orientation.

Mendez also allegedly told Tucker that although he was a nice person, he could “become very mean,” and told her that her “job was secure as long as I’m in office.”

The allegations sound similar to those made by former finance employee Valerie Mazone employee in the city of Rosemead when she claimed Councilman John Nunez harassed her over a period of several years. The city settled nearly a year ago with Mazone for $330,000.