Baldwin Park mayor subject of District Attorney review


So the District Attorney’s office is reviewing allegations of a conflict of interest involving the mayor.

The agency received a complaint in September and have been probing the issue since, said Dave Demerjian, head of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office Public Integrity Division.

The allegations stem from a 2007 trip Manuel Lozano took to China as part of a speakers delegation. The trip was never claimed on Lozano’s statement of economic interests.

He claims the trip was paid for by a bank executive from Rowland Heights.

Local businessman Greg Tuttle – who has had it out for the council for more than a year – filed a complaint with the FPPC in September. He said he did NOT file a complaint with the DA, and the DA won’t tell me who did.

More to come in Thursday’s paper.


    This is only a start to the mayors down fall he will have a fine to pay for not filing,a loss of his mayors position and will be owing the IRS some back taxes on this gift. It’s about time that we clean up this city. Starting at the top first so we can help the people and business succeed in this city. I hear rumors next to go is Marlen the mayors former campaign secretary this person is a disgrace to the people of Baldwin Park and her bullying of the people she serves is over with. I thing this cleaning out of the corrupt officials and bringing in of new people in 09 will be great for the city we need change not stupid ideals of urban living and building urban condos.

  • blah blah blah

    Every two weeks for the past couple of years the chicken littles clap their hands and stomp their feet about how they’re going to “clean up” the City, with D.A. complaints, recalls, IRS allegations, etc. etc. But nothing has yet to happen. In the previous election these same people backed their candidate and tried to get an iniative passed and they, AGAIN, had their proverbial asses handed to them.

    Keep blog posting and screaming about the sky falling. Your “efforts”, if they can even be called that, are accomplishing nothing more than symbolic heat rash–a minor annoyance that will pass with the season.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it only a CONFLICT of interest if the officeholder receives money and then votes/acts on a matter that involves the person from whom the accepted money.

    Failing to mention an income source on your income disclosure sheet is not a “CONFLICT OF INTEREST” although it may be a technical violtion of the income disclsoure requirements.

    Should elected officials disclose all of their income source?: YES. But let’s call this what it is….not what we WANT it to be.

    I’m going to take a wild guess a say that a great majority of elected officials, including those who may be acting a little self-righteous on this issue probably have disclosed EVERYTHING they should on their income disclosure forms.


    The only people who have had their proverbial asses handed to them on a plate is the city council. Let’s see hows the bisno development doing, let’s not forget he owes the city money, let’s not forget the city is in financial problems right now which they are hiding because of election year, let’s see what did the council accomplish for 2 years on improving the city nothing but debit, the mayors ex lover gets busted and spills the gay affair, another council person is walking the streets drunk and gets arrested, Marlen tries to destroy and take over BP chamber and fails, the mayor takes a plane trip illegally and fails to claim it and the council has failed to get rid of the day labor problem because they were bought off by Solis gift of 300,000.00 dollars to BP transit fund. This is what you call winners and leaders of our city sounds like a bunch of losers looking for another job after the election.I hear the old bulldog thinks she would have a chance at being mayor what a joke watch your back mayor

  • BP resident

    Don’t forget the alleged ties that Mayor Lozano has to corrupt WC councilman Roger Hernandez.

  • Anonymous

    Ha! I love the word “alleged”. Its cool because if you use it in a sentence, you can say damn near anything after it.



  • Anonymous

    WC Councilman Roger Hernandez and BP Mayor Manuel Lozano have ties that extend beyond the city. Both have accepted trips to China on the tax payer dime and both have used campaign money to go on shopping sprees.

    No wonder why both support Gil Cedillo.

    We are so tired of sleeze ball politicians like these guys.

    Hernandez has no job but illegally lists himself as a teacher on official documents. FPPC investigation pending that is probing Hernandez.

    Lozano is being probed by the FPPC also for perjury.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, WC loser, stop trying to make everything about Roger Hernandez. It makes it look like you’re obsessed with him.

  • Anonymous

    Roger Hernandez and Manuel Lozano are corrupt.

    We, the people, need to know this and beware of these politicians.

  • BP

    Manuel Lozano was found GUILTY by the FPPC