Fellow loses premier post on MWD

For those who care about water news, here is an update that some may find interesting:

At the first board meeting with Director Al Contreras taking over as President, the Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal District board voted 3-1 to replace Tony Fellow on the board for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. Fellow was the vice chairman and was Chairman Timothy Brick’s right-hand man.

Fellow was replaced with Bill Robinson, who has served as 20 years on the Upper District but never on the MWD. Fellow served 16 years on the MWD, and has been on the Upper District for 18 years.

President Contreras said he wanted to give the other people on the Upper District a chance to serve on the different boards. But some think that the move just shot Upper District and the San Gabriel Valley in the foot when it comes to water issues.

As Brick put it, “This is all politics. But now Upper District will have to get in the back of line.”

  • I told you so…..

    Thanks Leftover Gals, thanks to your unfair and biased reporting that gave ammunition to a political hack like Chavez to run a negative campaign against Garcia. When you go on an unjustified witchhunt attack against local electeds all you are doing is arming those negative, campaigns.

  • Anonymous

    This is just plane stupid. Why would you diminish the Upper District’s influence in a important agency like MWD by not only replacing a high-ranking and RESPECTED member of your board with a perpetual malcontent joke like Bill Robinson. If anything this NEW board has turned the Upper District into a JOKE in the eyes of MET and other met members not to mention hurting the Upper District….

    FOR WHAT???


    Al, please get of your self-righteous high horse and start leading with a little humility….your political career will alst longer.

  • Thanks Al

    Al appointed a hillbilly to the MWD Board so the area went from having a boardmember serving as Vice Chairman to no position. Hillbilly Robinson get a job and move out of your mom’s house, it’s time to grow up what, your 60 plus. When was the last decade you worked the 70’s? 35 years without a job sounds like he could be Mayor of West Covina. Robinson and Hernandez have a lot in common!

  • Anonymous

    Al: Keep it going you have my support and i think it is time to put the house in order..Chavez congratulations and it was time to say goodbye to Garcia anyway which suppose to be there to protect taxpayers money and ended up wasting it with the support of Tony Follow…And Robinson, congratulations to you also and the way you have been acting, you are protecting taxpayers money by asking questions during the meetings…And last but not least, to those people that are unhappy with the changes they have to realize that the party had to end sooner or later and seems that the only one left that was enjoying it was Tony and you might have to run for city council again mr. Fellow and your resume was not that great when you left…

  • the Truth

    While Garcia may have made some poor choices and may not have been the right person for the water board, when Ed Chavez became relevant again is when politics and government got even worse for the people. He is the epitome of a do-nothing politician, who flexes his political muscle (the little that hes got), only to serve himself.

    The political pendulum will swing back at him with more force than hes seen to date. That is a guarantee. I just hope he doesnt use his wife as the guinea pig to see its force (again).

  • common sense

    This is all very interesting but I heard that ed chavez was at the City Selection Committee meeting this week. Isn’t that for city council people. There were no water issues so I wonder if he is counting that meeting toward his stipend on the water board. Anyone?

  • Anonymous

    Let’s be honest. Chavez is only using the Upper District to bide his time until a window opens for something else. He could care less about water issues or the San Gabriel Valley for that matter. Same goes for Trevino….a career water board stipend whore who is carpet bagging from the central basin.

    As for Robinson, it’s one thing to “talk the talk” about taxpayers etc., it’s quite another thing to actually possess the coalition building skills that are required to put that TALK into action. Robinson is regarded a s a JOKE in the water industry not because of his positions but because of his completely absurd and laughable demeanor.

    Putting him on the MET board is like Caligula appointing a horse to the Roman Senate. Thanks alot Al….now that you hold the gavel you’ll probably never shut….you sure love to hear yourself talk.