Unanimous support for NFL stadium

The Independent Cities Association, which is an organization of 52 Los Angeles County cities, unanimously approved a resolution supporting the proposed NFL stadium in the city of Industry.

Not a member of the ICA is the city of Walnut, which has so far been the lone city against the stadium. Walnut is a member of the Contract Cities Association, which has not yet voted on the stadium.

Monterey Park Mayor Frank Venti, who is a member of the ICA, said that he is “incensed” with Walnut Mayor Joaquin Lim’s continued disapproval of the NFL stadium.

“As the Mayor of Monterey Park I am incensed that Waquin Lim thinks that he has a wall around Walnut, and that he can keep jobs form any of the cities here. I am inncesed that these rich wealthy people in Walnut feel they can stop this development,” Venti said.

  • No NFL Stadium

    Mayor Venti needs to put a sock in it.

    We live in a free country, free to express our opinions, and should be free from the bullies and excesses of corporate raiders like Majestic, City of Industry for the stake of greed.

    Turn the vacant land to an open space instead of a stadium, how’s that for starters!

    Where are the environmentalists? Their slience is shocking and deafening.

  • Anonymous

    Those cities that favor the stadium will not see it, hear it or feel it. They are miles and miles away from this. They talk about jobs? The original plan for the site, which is a business center and distribution centers will also bring jobs! Matter of fact, these jobs will be permanent, better paying, with benefits as opposed to part time, seasonal, temporary, minimum wage, transient jobs that a stadium provides. For true economic benefits, these are the type of jobs you want. Not peanut hawkers.