Trash talk isn’t going away


The city of Baldwin Park is rallying behind efforts to stop a trash-sorting facility from being built on the border of Irwindale and Baldwin Park.

The City Council unanimously adopted a resolution Wednesday night opposing the project, created an ad hoc committee to track the project’s progress, and directed staff to look at the city’s options against the project.

Athens Services wants to build a material recovery facility on a 17-acre site across from the Santa Fe Dam at Live Oak Avenue and Arrow Highway in Irwindale.

“We don’t need what potentially could be known as a cesspool right next to the residents of Baldwin Park,” Mayor Manuel Lozano said at yesterday’s meeting. “Yes, obviously they have indicated they have this filtration system that’s state of the art —- my foot … that air has to be let out somewhere.”

Councilwoman Marlen Garcia told me today she hopes Irwindale will see the potential risks to Baldwin Park residents and reconsider the location of the facility. She said Irwindale has had this site in mind for five years, but Baldwin Park just found out about it.

“It’s disheartening to see this, they are our neighbors,” she said.

Athens and Irwindale officials contest the potential risks, and say if any impacts are found, they will be addressed in an environmental impact report. But, they argue, the new state-of-the-art facilities used to sort trash from recyclables are safe — even for the employees working on the inside.

More on the issue in tomorrow’s paper.

  • Anonymous

    That is a jacked up picture. WTF is that?!

  • Bull dog

    Hey hows it feel Marlen,Monica and the mayors dad to have your houses be screwed with and you have to deal with a city who could care less. It sounds like a bisno development.

  • Anonymous

    The last poster is such a an idiot

  • Vince

    It might be more correct to say that the facility will separate recyclables FROM TRASH, rather than be “used to sort trash from recyclables…” There will be a lot more TRASH coming OUT from there, than recyclable materials.

  • Geez, Tuttle, Shut the Hell Up Already!

    Damn, Tuttle, you just can’t shut up about Bisno, can you? You’re not fooling anyone by calling yourself “Bull dog”. Tuttle, you’re such a moron. I feel sorry for your kids.

    Here’s an idea for the BP Council or anybody who opposes the project. Try visiting an existing MRF and dig up any dirt possible. Interview the neighbors and get their input.

  • Really

    To the moran that has it out for Tuttle you don’t even need to dig up the dirt just get your ass out and take a drive to the MRF at valley blvd that has had odor complaints back since 2004 and is being fined by AQMD and then take a drive to Anaheim disposal MRF and just get within 3 miles and smell the crap just like your feeding everyone that there is no problem with a MRF in town. I seriously doubt you have all your 5 senses. I would like to tell everyone also the workers that they hire are illegal for the most part and the way these companies get around this is they go thru a employment agency so the MRF companies can claim they don’t know anything about the people they hire. This sounds like wallmart and their cleaning crews. These companies don’t want to have the employees around for long because it is like a rain forest inside these MRF’S you can only imagine the health issues and workman comp complaints that could be filed if these people were legal. I have done my homework how about you work on those issues that I raised. Why don’t you buy a home by one of these MRF when they go up for sale for half price then you can live by them and give the public first hand information on the health issues.