Same respect as Celebrity Rehab’s Las Encinas

Those opposing the expansion of a public behavorial health care center, Aurora Charter Oak Hospital, at 1161 E. Covina Blvd., will have another chance to voice their opinion about the proposal at the planning commission meeting on Tuesday. 


Last week, residents hosted a meeting with Covina Councilman John King, and representatives from several elected officials — including those from the offices of Board of Equalization Chairwoman Judy Chu, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Michael Antonovich and Gloria Molina, Assemblyman Ed Hernandez.

Neighbors are opposing the addition of another 30 or so beds because they say there are already problems at the facility with patients sneaking out and heckling their children from the site.

As one person pointed out, this is the same facility that operates Las Encinas, a posh and well landscaped facility in Pasadena that was the location of Dr. Drew’s TV series, Celebrity Rehab. Las Encinas also got some negative press recently when it was reported as the site of two deaths, a suicide and a rape.

(Pictured is Chyna, a former “star” on Celebrity Rehab.)

At the very least, Aurora Charter Oak residents want a higher wall and better landscaping so that their children and homes are blocked from those seeking help at the facility.

  • Valerie Allen

    Celebrity Rehab is not filmed at Las Encinas Hospital. It is filmed at the Pasadena Recovery Center. Please get your facts straight.