San Dimas takes a tour of the foothills

San Dimas City Council members, Planning Commissioners, city staff, council candidates and some locals took a tour of about 200 acres of land in the foothills near Glendora Jan. 24 as a proposal for development of the land will make its way to the city this summer.

The land, owned by NJD and Kim Scott, has been controversial in the past as Scott has had his issues with Glendora.

Scott has previously tried to unload the land, and it appears he finally might have a chance at a development deal in San Dimas.

Mayor Curt Morris said the tour was to give people involved a sense of what is actually on the ground when proposals are presented on paper.

They spent three hours touring the land. Morris said it may be difficult to try and build a residential neighborhood up there as the terrain is rugged. Also, a road that would be adequate for housing would be difficult, he said.

I was also cruising L.A. Observed today and saw they had linked to a L.A. Times story about a D.A. investigating the Temple City mayor and two City Council members for soliciting tens of thousands of dollars in bribes and a condominium from a developer in exchange for their support of a $75-million mall project.

Weird…I have this strange feeling of Deja Vu.

Wait…that’s cause the Tribune and the Pasadena Star-New, written by Alfred Lee, had a story about the beginning of this saga here more than a month ago, Dec. 12. And then this one on Dec. 17. And then there was this one on prosecutors seizing tapes Jan. 8.

  • San Dimas Concerned

    Before Mayor Curtis talk anything about a tour, he should be forthcoming about a tour of the defunct “PFF Bank and Trust”, which is now in the hands of US Bank.

    Mayor Curtis kept his seat warm on the Board of Directors at PFF, which the bank went south on the finances and now he should be watched as Mayor of San Dimas.