Double endorsements: What’s the point?

So, late yesterday Irwindale Councilman Larry Burrola announced that in addition to supporting Sen. Gil Cedillo for Congress, he would also be endorsing Board of Equalization Chairwoman Judy Chu.

Burrola is not the only one endorsing both Congressional candidates; so is Baldwin Park Mayor Manuel Lozano.

It raises the question: What good is it to endorse two candidates? After all, it’s not like we can vote for two people for one seat.

  • Anonymous

    It’s called playing both sides of the fence so that the winner isn’t TOO upset with you after the election.

    Makes you wonder: would a politician really PUNISH a city simply because one or more of that city’s electedS supported an opponent in the election.

    Shouldn’t the winner feel a OBLIGATION/DUTY to represent everyone in his or her district zealously regardless of how the leadership of a specific city lined up prior to the election.

    I swear these politicians act like OUR lives and OUR well-being is some sort of playing chip to do with as the will.

    I love democracy but it is a damn damn shame that those who are rewarded with leadership positions tend to be the most venal and self-absorbed. I know there may be exceptions, but I fear they are few and far between.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone ever heard Larry Burrola speak??

    I’m embarrased for him when other people have to finish his sentences.

    I actually think he’s mildly retarded.

    Duel endorsement just means your full of cow dung.

  • anonymous

    These two clowns can’t make up their mind. They are trying to please both candidates. Brown nosers is their true title.Either endorse one or none at all. Grow a backbone Lozano and Burrola.

  • Lozano

    Lozano has never had a backbone…only a back boner.

  • Political Watcher

    It looks like Judy Chu may lead in endorsements over Gil Cedillo. But endorsements don’t mean anything. It is the voters that count. I think it will be a close race between the two. A major factor in this race would be if Ed Chavez, who represented over 70% of this district, would jump in. This could tip the race closer to Chu. In other words, it could be a nail in Cedillo’s coufin. But don’t count Chavez out either; he can garnish a lot of votes as well. Chu may even fund Chavez’s race.