Hernandez throws hat into Romero race….


In case you were wondering why Ed Hernandez decided not to run for Hilda Solis’ seat, this may be your answer:

Sacramento, CACalifornia State Assemblymember Dr. Ed Hernandez, O.D. (D – West Covina) announced his intention to run for the 24th State Senate seat being vacated by Gloria Romero when she terms out in 2010.


“Today, I am officially declaring my intention to run for California‘s 24th State Senate seat,” said Hernandez.


Hernandez will have a strong advantage over other possible contenders because he already represents more than half the 24th Senate district as the Assemblymember in the 57th district.  He has also taken a lead role on issues of importance to the region as Chair of the San Gabriel Valley Legislative Caucus, a group of 13 state Senators and Assemblymembers representing the greater San Gabriel Valley and East Los Angeles.  Hernandez has worked with this group to champion the region’s needs with regards to transportation, water quality and conservation, economic development, and education.


“I have spent my time in the Assembly fighting for the people who live and work in my district, and I have also had the opportunity to gain critical insight into the issues and challenges facing the larger San Gabriel Valley,” said Hernandez.  “I am ready to take that next step and continue the work I began in the Assembly bringing attention and resources to the people of this region, and addressing the challenges facing all Californians.”


Hernandez already has the backing of several key supporters, including Board of Equalization Vice-Chair Dr. Judy Chu.  Chu, who is also a candidate for Congress seeking the seat being vacated by Labor Secretary Designate Hilda Solis, has given her full support to Hernandez.


The press release popped up in my mailbox Sunday afternoon. With Hernandez going for Romero’s spot, whose going to take over his seat? I’m sure the speculation will begin to swirl in no time.

  • Watch Out!

    Becareful Assemblyman!!! I think that is another seat Ed Chavez has on his “to-do” list after his run for Congress. That means he ran for city, assembly, school board, water, congress, and soon senate…. He just needs President had he’s done them all!!!

  • Baldwin Park Voter

    Assemblyman Hernandez running? This guy has bankrupt the state of california and it is getting worse. Through this bum out of office now!

  • Looking Here

    Are you kidding?????? Ed Hernandez said that he is a “doctor” and will fix health care in Sacramento. He has done nothing but collect a fat taxpayers check. As it turned out, he never went to medical school. Not only is he a fraud, but he doesn’t know what he is doing in sacramento.

  • Don’t Support

    I remember watching Charlie Brown on tv. Assembly Member Ed Hernandez looks like him, but Charlie Brown had more hair on his head and looked better. Assembly Member Hernandez is a ugly looking guy. Good Grief!

  • John greenfield

    The last three comments all came from the same person (ip address) someone sure doesn’t like him. By the way, check your grammer before you post. There is a “Preview” button the button.

  • John Greenfield

    I’m so embarrassed! I mean grammAr not grammer

    Besides the fact, I believe Assemblyman Hernandez has done a great job for our community. There is no need for name calling in this arena of public opinion. Please keep your facts straight. In regards to the “doctor” comment, and your preposterous remark about him not going to medical school. I too did not go to medical school but received my Ph.D in which now I am considered a doctor. I’ve spoken to Dr. Hernandez at a fair in Azusa and I am very much impressed with his knowledge of California politics and the reality of what can be done in todays economic slump. It would be foolish not to elect this man of such strong intellect. What got us in this mess is the previous mistakes Sacamento made in the past 6-8 years. Don’t blame one person for the problems we are in now.

    Dr. John Greenfield (No, I did not go to medical school.)

  • Dr. Feelgood

    I think Baldwin Park Voter meant “throw,” as in “Don’t THROW the football to Charlie Brown.”

    I really don’t have an opinion, I just want to say “Hi,” and Ed Chavez needs to do something about that Pat Riley hair-don’t.

  • What’s Up Doc?

    I really thought that Assemblyman Hernandez was a real medical “Doctor.” It is no wonder he throws his “Dr.” title around because he feels defensive not being a “real” doctor. I guess anybody can wear a white lab coat and say they are a doctor without going to medical school too. I will try it next halloween.

  • Head of Household

    Hernandez had no experience in government when he ran for office and now we are all paying for that. Arkansas is looking really good right now.

  • Jose Mejia

    It makes me laugh to read these comments. John is right about the time these comments come as. It seems as if they are coming from one person because they come in waves. Anyways, the negative comments seem very childish to me. Some one seems a bit obsessive to take down Hernandez.

  • Mad Voter

    Hernandez seems to think you can just keep on giving huge pay raises to his staff. Some over $100,000 per year. I guess bankrupting the state is not his problem. But don’t worry, the taxpayers will bailout these bad politicians.

  • Dr. Finger. OBGYN

    This Hernandez guy is corrupt. He is the one that got that deal on the SUV and then was abusing employees at City Hall. what a loser.

  • Chris

    You are talking about Councilman Hernandez, not Asm. Hernandez

  • Non Lobbyist Supporter

    Ed Hernandez is the one who Sacramento Lobbyists love the most. They poured money into his campaign and in return he voted for all of their bailouts. Now you know why we are all in this mess. Corrupted politicians like Ed Hernandez needs to go!

  • Budget Thinker

    Assemblyman Ed Hernandez wants to run for the senate? Are you kidding me? He already set a state record for holding up the budget for the most day in the history of california. Does he want to break his own record in the senate too?

  • Smart Voter

    It looks like Assemblyman Ed Hernandez is the problem in Sacramento. He pockets the money and votes with lobbyist. Typical politician.

  • Jose Mejia

    Oh Come on already!!! Enough with the Asm. Hernandez bashing. Like I said in my other post I think all those nasty comments are coming from one source. I can only assume who but I can’t say but your being obssesive! It’s only obvious. Anyone can harp away from a computer, but not anyone can be good Assemblymember like Hernandez is.

  • Not Joking

    I hate crooked politicians. Assm. Hernandez is the worst.

  • Princeton Grad

    SHUT UP!,

    You people are so crazy, talking about taxpayer dollars and what not. Taxes are so not expensive. If they are then maybe you should reconsider your professions as TRUCK DRIVING, BEER GUZLING, WHITE REPUBLICAN ELEPHANTS THAT YOU ARE!!!!None of you have taken a Political Science class, YOU KNOW NOTHING TO POLICY OR any sort of JURISPRUDENCE! HOW ABOUT YOU GO TO SCHOOOL, AGAIN!!!!!!!Because you’re simply too stupid to REALLY understand California Politics. AHHHHHHH STUPID REPUBLICANS!!!!!!!111