A small victory for El Monte Mayor Ernie Gutierrez

From reporter Rebecca Kimitch:

El Monte Mayor Ernie Gutierrez seems to have won a minor victory against the city council this week when City Attorney Clark Moseley determined the council can’t remove him from an MTA board.

Council members have voted Gutierrez off three other regional boards and commissions, including the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments, saying his arrest in November is “detrimental” to the city’s reputation.

They were also considering Gutierrez’s removal from MTA’s San Gabriel Valley Service Sector Governance Council. However, Moseley concluded that post is up to the MTA, not the council.

Gutierrez was arrested in November on suspicion of domestic violence, but he was released that same day after prosecutors determined no clear evidence proved he was not defending himself.

The mayor defended his innocense and accused council members of playing politics in anticipation of the mayoral elections in November.

“For the council to think they are the judge, the jury, and the executioners, they are living in the 1860s, 1870s… they would lynch people without a judge, jury and trial,” he told me.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not so much that the City Attorney “determined” he had to be on the Board…..the MTA’s own regulations say the mayor of a city, for better or worse, has to be the city’s representative. I think that is an important distinction from what you’ve stated.

  • South El Monte Resident

    The City Council of South El Monte did the same to Mayor Figueroa. It was lead by Councilmembers Delgado and Gonzalez in a 4 to 1 vote. Let’s see if they attend these meetings. Talk about a vendeta and a mean spirited group. Mayor Gutierrez was ousted for being unethical Mayor Figueroa for working too hard. Go figure. Just count to 4…that is all it takes.

  • Anonymous

    Congradulations to both the City of El Monte and South El Monte for taking a stand against both these crazy mayors.

    One’s a drunk and the other is homeless living at city hall at tax payer expense while the rest of us struggle to support our families.

    Get rid of both these hacks.

  • Mrs. Lopez

    Sorry to burst your bubble dude. The mayor of South El Monte has a very nice home. As her neighbor for many years we see her day in and day out. It doesn’t matter the lies you spread. She has been a great mayor for South El Monte. Just check out the city. We the people know better and respect her. Can’t say the same for El Momte.

  • Anonymous

    It’s terrible that the rest of the El Monte city council has had to be put through all the horrible things that the Mayor has put the city through.

    I’m ashamed of my elected leaders in my city.

    I just hope that someone does run against him when he is up for re-election. I will support anyone who runs against Mayor Gutierrez.

    As for the Mayor of the city of South El Monte, this blog is not about her.

  • Mr. Delgado

    Mayor Ernie Gutierrez lives in a fantasy word full of lies, alcohol,deception and corruption. He should be ashamed of even thinking of running for mayor. He beat up his girlfriend Graciela who is three months with child. What a sorry excuse of a man. More like a coward from hell.

  • Sra. Ramos

    Ernie Gutierrez is still married to his wife Olga. Poor thing she has lost so much wieght. She looks sick and depressed all the time. Graciela is a fool for taking this kind of abuse from Ernie the town drunk. She left her kids and husband for Gutierrez. Who helped cover this crime up? Cooley, Clark Mosely or Ken Weldon? Gutierrez should be locked up for good.