DMV employees start furloughs today

23521-State_Budget.JPGState Department of Motor Vehicles employees are not taking their forced two-day-a-month furlough lightly.

Today was the first day of the governor’s implemented furlough plan, which is shutting down DMV offices in California every first and third Friday of the month for the next 18 months.

Employees took the streets with rallies, protesting the measure at the DMV’s Los Angeles and Whittier field offices today.

Meanwhile, customers at several local DMV locations showed up today expecting to serviced. Instead, they were welcomed with dimmed lights, locked doors and signs announcing the closures.

As reported in the DMV story we ran in our paper today, the California Employment Development Department office in West Covina was also scheduled to be closed every first and third Friday, but they got word earlier this week they would remain open.

That isn’t saving employees from furloughs though — they still have to take two unpaid days off each month. Over the course of 18 months, that equates to a 10 percent pay cut.

  • Taxpayers Rights!

    To those of you in your purple shirts: Now, you get a feel of what it feels like to have a smaller paycheck on top of the union dues you pay, which is now much smaller, eh?

    How about the UNION BOSSES are they going to take a pay cut? Of course not, because the union dues keep rolling in.

    Better start cutting out coupons and start scrimping, because the taxpayers are not going to fork over another penny for this budget mess.

  • Anonymous

    I see that unions can be greedy, but I wonder if working people are shooting themselves in the foot but dismantling the only institutations capable of fighting for their rights.

  • Tired of Politics

    This mess is caused by Assemblyman Ed Hernandez. He voted for this bad budget a couple a months ago and now the budget is even a bigger mess. He is obviously over his head in confusion. Do us a favor, get out of office NOW!

  • Anonymous

    This mess is caused by Assemblyman Joe Blow.

  • Anonymous Too

    I won’t miss the DMV for registering vehicles. Auto Club is much more efficient than the sorry DMV employees. Too bad Auto Club can’t handle drivers licenses too. Then that wouldn’t be such a nightmare. The long wait at DMV, even when you have an appointment, is worse than the test. And we all know they can’t manage to take a decent picture. Do you know anyone that is pleased with their driver’s license picture.

  • Chris Cama

    Tired of Politics: You got to be kidding! Do your homework, this economic crash was because of the YEARS of bad policies from the Bush Administration, Gov. Schwarzenegger Office, and state officals since 2001 (Not one person). IF the VLF was still being used the way former Gov Grey Davis wanted it, we would have an extra $10-15 Bilion to clear our state debt. But THOSE officals at the time didn’t have the courage to step up to Gov. Schwarzenegger. If anything a few Assemblymember have been GREAT and have been much more effective then those before them, Hernandez being one of them along with Assmemblymembers Brownley, Feuer, Portantino and Eng. These five have been the most effective members of the Assembly. However, the budget is controlled by the BIG FIVE in Sacramento. So I have a few words of advise, read up on how California Gov’t works and I suggest YOU contact your senator and Assemblymember to see how they been doing.

  • La Puente Lookout

    We all know who “Tired of Politics” really is: Ed Chavez. Please Ed Chavez, get a job. It really is pathetic how much you are posting to this blog…