Solis’ tax woes


Hilda Solis couldn’t have run into more snags as she makes her way to the labor secretary seat. USA Today ran a story earlier this week about Solis’ husband, who just recently paid some outstanding tax liens on his auto repair shop.

Problem is, some of the liens were as old as 16 years.

We had a story about it buried in today’s paper. Here’s a link to the USA Today piece. 

Also, FYI, Solis’ confirmation vote has been postponed, again. 

  • LP Resident

    Why don’t they just confirm he already.

  • Anonymous

    She just looks so adorable in that picture. Cute little munchkin.

  • Great Leader

    She would do great as the Secretary of Labor. As long as her husband pays what he owes, this too will pass.
    We are very proud of Hilda Solis. We look forward to her being confirmed.

  • Taxpayer

    Congresswoman Solis and her husband Sam Sayyad, an Arab from the Middle East, has been ripping off the American taxpayers for too long. Not only should she not get confirmed, but she should also resign for Congress.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Anonymous and Taxpayer,

    You two clowns are a couple of idiots. How can you make such demeaning statements with absolutely nothing to back it up.

    Do us all a favor, limit your computer usage to fantasy football and porn websites.

    Neither of you knows anything of which you speak.

  • Who Needs Her

    I can’t believe they are wasting the time on this woman who doesn’t pay her taxes,wants illegal day labors left alone,doesn’t care that the legal people want these illegals sent back home and her father was once an illegal when he came into this country. The statement she knew nothing about it is to bad she signed under the penalty of perjury her tax return with her probably illegal husband. Why can’t the government run a simple credit check on nominees before being confirmed and quit wasting tax dollars to find out this woman is just like every other tax evader. GET HER OUT NOW

  • Mr. and Mrs. Anderson

    It is racist people like you three that give our state a bad name. You are part of the problem in regards to ignorant, unexeducated morans. We will never move forward as communities that are diverse with numerous cultures as long as there are closed minded bigots in our cities. We will continue to support leaders like Congresswoman Solis who will
    do right by the people and help move our great Nation forward.


    Why is it always people are racist when they want their leaders to pay their taxes just like them and they don’t want to support illegal people in this country? The real Americans not racist are tired of you illegals using our system to make money to send home to your country and use our health care that is going broke due to non paying illegals. It’s time to take care of the legal people and get rid of these non taxpayers illegals. You can call us any names you want but if you not legal and a American citizen get out and go home we are tired of hearing your b/s that we need a mix of cultures in government what we need is leaders who are legal and pay their taxes and are for the American people not their color or race. NO RACE CARD HERE JUST BE LEGAL

  • Anonymous

    Which officials are illegal according to you?

    Name names?

    Second, isn’t the money they send back to their home countries, money they’ve earned doing work. (Unlike corporate executives who run their companies into the ground, but still reward themselves with obscene bonuses, which they use to lavish themselves with all varieties of vanity/status symbol products….many of which are not made in the US and which only benefit the works of the countries those items come from). BUT I DIGRESS.

    Finally, if you’d like “illegals” to stay home, why do folks like you get mad when companies choose to locate their manufacturing activities abroad. IS THAT THE FREE MARKET AT WORK. You only believe in the free market when it works to your advantage but not when you fail to compete effectively?

    I’ll stop for now. I know you probably can’t process to many ideas at once so I’ll let you chew on this a bit.

  • anonymous

    “chew” don’t you mean choke?

  • Jose Mejia

    We do not want an ANTI-LABOR person PLEASE Give me a Break! She is a fighter for the working class, and it’s ashame when the TOP 1% controls 40-45% of the wealth in this contry. I’m also ashamed how the word “Union” now is used as a nasty word, what they do is protect workers. If you noticed, the gap between rich and poor has been growing while unions have been shrinking. Today only 7-8% of the working population are members of a union.

  • anonymous

    Yeah, it is a damn shame that those 1% control so much wealth. We should redistribute that wealth so that we all get the same share. We could all get the same kind of housing, the same food, the same income, well you get the idea.

    Oh that’s right, this kind of program already exists…in China, North Korea and formerly in Russia.

  • Chris Cama

    I heard that in China the top 1% controls 70% of the wealth. I think that is ashame.