Big events upcoming for Glendora and Azusa

A couple big events coming up in Glendora and Azusa.

Glendora will host its City Council Candidates forum Wednesday night from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. at the Glendora High School Event Center. You can find the flyer for the event here.

Also, Azusa will have its state of the city address Thursday at 7:30 a.m. More on that here. Cost is $20.

Speaking of…what is with charging to go to the state of the city address? Is it to keep the number of people in attendance down? It would seem they should have these in a place where as many city residents could show up and here what is going to be said. Lots of cities charge to see these things and I don’t understand it. Times are tough and to think that most people will shell out $20 to hear a state of the city address is somewhat far fetched.

  • Chris Cama

    It cost money to hold events but I hope they have food!

  • Interesting! I always thought these events were free. Wonder why they are charging?

  • anonymous

    my guess is that it is not a city event per se. Instead, it is sponsored by one of the local organizations and the Mayor comes to give the address..the money goes to the organization. While not held at a city owned facility, it appears the city is touting the event on their website – which is cause for concern, after all they are using taxpayer funds to advertise a non-city event?

  • Anonymous

    Probably the Chamber of Commerce.