LP’s Tripepi will take a pay cut

10745-lapuenteseal.jpgLa Puente officials say interim Transition Manager Frank Tripepi will be cutting his hours — and his salary for that matter — in half come March 1.

Tripepi made a mention of the change at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. La Puente Mayor Louie Lujan confirmed Wednesday that Tripepi will in fact be working 50 percent less, and Tripepi’s company Willdan Financial Services will be paid roughly $10,000 a month instead of the $20,000 they’ve been getting.

“He has brought City Hall and the City Council to the point where he can reduce his hours,” Lujan said, adding that the move will save money but not sacrifice quality.

Lujan said this will also allow the city to keep Tripepi on longer, but not go over budget.

  • Doesn’t Add Up

    Louie Lujan is still wasting taxpayers money. He is paying a temporary city manager $120,000 a year to work part-time. What a ripoff.

  • LP Eddie

    There is an old saying, “You get what you pay for.” Tripepi has come in and from what I hear from a friend who works for the city, put city hall in order, won over the staff and brought hundreds of thousands into the city in just 5 months. “Doesn’t add up’s” uninformed comments reflect the past when city hall was a mess and money was flowing out rather than coming in. I’ve been to city hall recently and there is a definite change in attitude from staff. For me, the Tripepi hiring was well done and if he can cut hours and still do the job, all the better.

  • Happy LP Taxpayer

    Well done LP Council.