Miller wants illegal immigrants to get out


That’s why he’s drafted legislation to “remove the incentives and loopholes in our current laws that encourage illegal aliens to come to the United States to live, work, and overstay their visas,” says Congressman Gary Miller’s press people.

Of course, H.R. 994 is appropriately named the Loophole Elimination and Verification Enforcement Act —- a.k.a. the LEAVE Act.

Wonder who thought of that one?

Miller represents the 42nd District, which includes Diamond Bar, La Habra Heights, Rowland Heights and Whittier

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t this dumb-shi**! know that people are ALREADY leaving because of the bad economy.

    Talk about scapegoating a group in order to avoid having to explain why you (the Congressman) can’t stall foreclsoures or job closures in your community and voted against a stimulis package that would reduce both.

    What’s next, House Resolution finding that “Puppies are Adorable.”

  • Vince Perez

    Let’s be honest here, not racist: this state has been devastated by many factors. Unchecked illegal immigration and its economic consequences is one of them. It’s about time that the Hispanic/Latino community step outside of it’s self-serving, even racist ideology and acknowledge that the community as a whole has been complicit in a true “reconquista” and must now lay down its weapons of political bullying and propaganda, and begin to support this country in upholding its laws. I realize the difficulty of this for many families when they have loved ones who may be here illegally and others that fear separation from loved ones who may not be able to come here. No matter. I think that this country has shown great restraint (also possibly dereliction in its duties to its citizenry) in continuing to insist upon justice and fairness for immigrants and the poor at the expense of the quality of life of those regions that have received the brunt of the immigration flow. I’ve been here long enough (40 years) to witness the transformation of Southern California, and it’s been painful to watch.

  • Anonymous

    Where are the “reconquista” meetings that I’m supposedly attend and am complicit in as a Latino?

    To be opposed to cruel scapegoating legislation does not make someone an advocate of annexation into Mexico any more than being someone who advocates some sort of managed control over immigration a NAZI.

    Sadly, too many immigration initiatives seem to have a very vindictive streak in them which seems to speak more their backers dislike of certain people than it does at addressing any real (as opposed to imagined) impacts posed by immigration.

    People come her because the economy draws them here. Many of the jobs the people perform are jobs americans simply have no interest in performing….even in the present economy.

    Let’s find constructive way to reduce the lure of immigration or at least admit that these people are a vital part of the economy. Instead we exploit their hard work and them tell them to get lost as soon as it’s done…..THANKS JUST UNFAIR, INHUMANE AND UN-AMERICAN.

  • Anonymous

    MAYBE THIS IS WHY HE NEED AN “IMMIGRATION SIDE SHOW”….To distract attention from his shady dealings:

  • Arcadia Resident

    Ask the all mighty bigot, Miller about the Mexican housekeeper he has and gardners. What a liar and jerk. He needs to be run out of town. Will his Immigration bill also address illegals from other countries or just Mexico. Check on the numbers of illegals that are from China, Canada, South America, and other countries. Let’s be fair Mr. Racist Miller. Politicians like you give our Great Nation a black eye.
    Why don’t you kick down the Statue of Liberty. That’ii make your day….you moran….KKK leader.

  • Arcadia Resdient

    Ask Bigot Miller why he has a Mexican housekeeper and gardners. What a racist liar and two face jerk. Will his bill address all illegals from Canada, China and other countries or just Mexico? Fair is fair Mr.KKK leader. What will you do next? Kick down the Statue of Liberty? What a horrible person you are. How can you sleep at night? I would hate to be your neighbor. Spreading so much hate and hurting the spirit of survival and human kindness her in our Great Nation of the Good Ole U.S.A.
    Good Bless America….a diverse and Great Nation.

  • Just a worker

    What the heck are people thinking when they say things like “People come here because the economy draws them here. Many of the jobs people perform are jobs the americans simply have no interest in performing.”

    This utterly discusts me. So this is your excuse for breaking the law and comming here illegally? Jobs if availble Im sure would be filled. Maybe then we wouldn’t have so many on welfare and unemployment….

    Do you ever think about those who HAVE come to USA legaly? Are you not spitting in their face for all they had to go through to be here… and I know some that have been through heck 50 – 60 years ago to come to this great country. Look at what it has become now….

  • Anonymous

    As a construction worker I cannot compete with the illegals. They work for cash at a very low rate. Or they work for very low pay. Cash is illegal too and they keep it up. I would work more but it gets taken away by people that will do it for less and do it illegally.

    There is much that needs to be fixed in this nation. And it should start there.