South El Monte gets a raise

I guess budget issues must not be a grave concern in South El Monte.

While the rest of the country grapples with an economic downturn that’s forced layoffs, company closures and other cost-cutting efforts, the South El Monte City Council has approved a 10 percent raise for itself.

Ben Baeder reports today that the council will now be paid $771 a month instead of $701, or an additional $840 a year per council member.

City officials say South El Monte’s budget is balanced, and the raises take into account annual 5 percent increases dating back to 2007.

  • South El Monte Resident

    I want to thank our elected leaders for doing a wonderful job in keeping a balance budget. They have demonstrated financial responsibility to our city.

  • Mrs. Ramos of South El Monte

    I am very happy with the leadership of Mayor Figueroa and Councilmembers Aguinaga, Delgado and Garcia. They agree on issues that ARE GOOD FOR OUR CITY. They have shown and proven to be a positive force. They deserve this raise. They have earned it. We are fiscally sound and in the black, thanks to their combined efforts. Thank you all so much.

  • Mr. Perez

    I agree wih you. My wife and I have been long time residents here in South El Monte. We are very happy to see such a good working city council and mayor. They have brought many new developments to our city and a Senior Housing development.We wish them well. You guys are wonderful.

  • Anonymous

    You four make a good team. Congratulations for a job well done. We are very proud of your continued sucess. Keep it real.

  • Spend Away

    Great, you all deserve a raise. Don’t we all…but if you haven’t noticed nows not the time to give your selfs a pat on the back and more jing in your pockets. You need to make sure our city stays fiscally sound. If we have so much money then give it back to us taxpayers, we could really use it!