Thoughts on Glendora’s candidates forum

That was…um…nice?

Given the nature of some of Glendora’s City Council meetings – often filled with contentious public comment sections – I half expected some fireworks from the candidates forum last night.

But it was, mostly, a cordial affair. Candidates responded to the question, there were no side swipes, character assassinations, or major flare ups. In fact, apart from a few moments, most candidates didn’t address any of their counterparts negatively.

While some of the questions bordered on stuff you would see at a high school election debate, most centered on issues of concern.

I don’t know if I would go as far as to call it refreshing, but it was a healthy departure from previous city council elections I have covered that have centered on personal attacks.

As far as the forum itself, each candidate seemed to represent themselves well. “Joseph” Tweini had some trouble with staying within the time constraints. His slow, methodical speech and often use (overuse?) of his notepad got him cut off and ended some of his statements prematurely. He also had some trouble hearing the questions at times due to an echo on his side of the stage, he said.

Karen Davis, as expected being a pastor and incumbent Mayor, seemed to have the best command while talking. She also was one of the only ones to crack some jokes the audience enjoyed.

Parisi did the best in terms of separating herself from the current council and the often agreement between the candidates. Some of the people I was sitting near really liked it when she talked about “adding alternate perspectives and opinions” to the council.

Murabito really seemed at home talking about the budget and money issues. He should, considering he owns a business, is an accountant and teaches accounting.