The cost of Angels’ tickets


Have you ever paid $426 to watch the Angels play?

Montebello City Administrator Richard Torres has — well, sort of.

Torres has been fined $426 by the Fair Political Practices Commission for accepting 12 free tickets on three separate occasions from City Attorney Marco Martinez in 2005, Amanda Baumfeld reports.

Torres summed up the fine to a goof: he reported all the gifts, but just didn’t know there was an imposed limit on the value of the gifts at that time. The tickets were valued at $516, exceeding the 2005 FPPC gift limit by $156.

Apparently, some of the tickets were for the Diamond Club, which seats fans behind home plate.

Angels’ tickets range anywhere from like $10 to as much as $80.

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    Back “on” topic: I wonder if this post will lead to a series of follow-ups by people asking for free Angels tickets, just like your Disneyland ticket post did?

  • anonymous

    So really back on topic for a minute…why would the City Attorney be providing “gifts” to a City adminstrator? Could it be to influence future contracts with his law firm?
    This is exactly the type of behavior that the FPPC needs to put an end to…period!

  • Anonymous

    This type of “ticket giving” is a fairly common and widespread practice. It’s not only practiced by law firms but also by develpers, trash haulers – pretty much everyone who has some interest in drinking from the public trough. It has something to do with the value of the ticket being considered its “face value” rather than it’s actual value for purposes of reporting.

    A few years back, the League of Cities – City Attorneys Division asked its membership to vote on whether this type of gifting should be declared unethical according to the League/City Attorney by-laws. Many wanted to include it, but a few of the large (big name public agency law firms) got up lobbied against the proposal aruging that it was their “First Amendment Right” to engage in this type of conduct.

    I don’t believe the proposal passed.

    A real shame.


    I guess the giving never stops and we know the mayor of Baldwin Park is going to be paying a fine and loss of office when this issue finally gets thru the system. This is the year to start getting out these losers who take these gifts because of their positions in the city.