Monterey Park council candidate puts it in a song

22235-crutchman.jpgWe’ve already seen some interesting campaign tactics and flyers out of Monterey Park City Council hopeful John “JB” Abajian.

They’ve included “Crutchman,” Abajian’s superhero alter ego who will “capture and punish” with his “paralyzing cruth-rays.”






And they’ve also included this campaign flyer that features Abajian with horns, in commemoration with the Year of the Ox.

Now, we’ve got something else: Abajian’s very own campaign theme song, “SOS” or “Stamp Out Shenanigans.” Go ahead, take a listen. 

Meanwhile, reporter Amanda Baumfeld has this story about the council race. No surprise, one the biggest issues, she reports, is a controversial Athens Service trash hauling contract approved in 2002, which is currently under a city audit.

Abajian is going up against five other candidates hoping to win two seats: incumbents David Lau and Sharon Martinez, former Councilwoman Betty Tom Chu and residents Joe Ray Avila and Luis Estrada.