Stimulus plans, David Dreier and “Phelan High”


I covered Congressman David Dreier speaking at an Arcadia Chamber of Commerce event on Friday, just days after President Barack Obama signed a $838 billion stimulus plan and announced another $75 billion proposal to aid the slumping housing market.

Dreier had some interesting things to say about both plans, including his hopes that the housing bill would force homeowners to take on more accountability when they take out loans.

“We need to make sure people out there misstating their income levels to qualify, that needs to end,” the San Dimas Republican said.

Dreier’s harshest comments, however, were about the stimulus bill which he feared would not do much to boost the employment market or get the nation out of this recession. His biggest concerns: the $1.3 trillion in debt the nation will likely accrue after all is said in done, and fear of too much government control.

“Massively increasing government’s the reach of government is not a good idea,” he said.

Dreier said he didn’t know if the stimulus package would actually create jobs, and he didn’t know what if any impact it would have here locally in the San Gabriel Valley.

Apparently, nobody really knows just yet. It’s an 1,110-page document and local pols are still analyzing it.

On a side note, Dreier told a funny story about Phelan, California, an unincorporated community in San Bernardino County. Apparently, there was some debate there about what to name the local high school … they didn’t want to go with “Phelan High.”