A sign of the times?

A story I wrote came out in the paper today about the Elwood Family Apartments in Glendora that offer some affordable housing as part of their complex.

Often when I write about businesses or things like that, I could some phone calls from people thinking I represent the business. Nothing unusual. I just take the phone calls and point them in the right direction.

But I have had a large response to this story, with more than the usual phone calls asking me about the complex and calling with interest.

It seems there are a lot of people out there who are interested in affordable or low-income housing. Could it be a sign of the tough times out there? Likely.

Unfortunately, the complex is already at more than 50 percent capacity and was already reviewing numerous applications for apartments. Now, with the story they may be fielding more interest than they can accommodate.

So, if Glendora or any other city is thinking about getting a low-income housing project going, know this: The demand is there.

  • anonymous

    With all due respect Daniel, what did you think the response would be? You wrote an article stating brand new housing was available at a fraction of the market price – of course, lots of folks would like to get something for less than it is worth?

  • anonymous

    I really am confused? The title states low cost housing offered to Glendora residents and then talks about a particular party who rented a unit and wasn’t from Glendora but from Covina?

    In your post above you mention that these low cost units only represent “some” of the units that are available, but you fail to mention that fact anywhere in the article? Nor do you mention what the rents are normally vs. these low cost units?

    By the way, where did the City get the $3 million to subsidize the project? And when did Telacu get involved?

    You know, the facts.

  • HELLO!!!!!!

    Is this paper that out of touch? Glendora is not offering affordable housing out of the goodness of their heart. They have too! And so does every city that has a redevelopment agency. It is a state law. Most cities fight tooth and nail to keep this housing out because of perceived lower property values. The unfairness part of it is that anyone that meets the low income levels is eligible to get one of these units, even in Beverly Hills or Laguna Beach. Telacu specializes in this type of housing but it is heavily subsidized with local money, or the people’s money.