• Frank

    No, this is not amazing at all. Today is actually 3/3/2009.

  • El Gato Malo

    No, the last one would have been 2/2/04, five years ago: 2×2 = 4

    2/2/08 would have been cube root day: 2x2x2=8

  • Theolona Ranger


    Is not the Square Root of Sixty Nine Eight Something?

  • Title 2 Enforcer

    Folsom City Council has agreed to remove the airing of City Council meetings because it doesn’t comply with Title 2 ADA because people with hearing disabilities and people who are deaf don’t have the meetings done in closed caption. To avoid a lawsuit they are ending there broadcast of the meetings. How come cities in the San Gabriel Valley don’t comply with Title 2 ADA Laws?