West Covina Chamber: Part III

Luis Chacon, the board member on the West Covina Chamber of Commerce, had a court hearing today regarding the restraining order that three staff members filed on Chacon. Here is what happened in court today, according to Chacon:

Here is the just of today’s hearing:

1. I was never served in the action, but out of a sense of personal and community responsibility I sought the information on, and appeared at the hearing. The restraining order was not granted, dissolved, as there was no legitimate and/or reasonable basis for it.

2. All three individuals (Gary Lawson, Monica Cabrerra, & William Medina) acknowledged to the judge I made no threats or insinuations to them in any way ever. It was acknowledged by all three that the only one I was speaking to during the “incident” was my wife. Gary was not even there when the “incident” took place and his position and actions were based solely on hearsay.

3. The judge acknowledged that if Gary wanted me removed from the Chamber’s Board of Directors, the Chamber’s governing body, The Board of Directors, have emplaced policy and procedures where they are the only ones who could properly address and remove me from participation in my duly elected responsibilities and that has not happen.

4. All three acknowledged that I did not pose a threat to them based on direct assault, or threat and all this is based on a sole incident that clearly does not establish a pattern.

5. The judge believed that the only one who had any basis to a restraining order and should have felt threatened was my wife and she was neither present nor has filed anything.

More to come on Monday.

  • Stop Abuse

    Luis, you said only your wife had a basis. What did you do to your wife? You sound like a scumbag. Get some help!!

  • Frank

    Uh…. You already had a posting about the Chamber, Part III…. Maybe you should read your own post once in awhile…

  • What’s Going On

    So the guy with the restraining order against him tells the newspaper what happened in court? what kinda reporting is this? And what’s going on with the employees, did they get their jobs back or what? And why did the guy say his wife should be the one with the restraining order? Whats going on?

  • West Covina Watcher

    Dear WHat’s going on,

    Please understand that the San Gabriel Valley Tribune has started outsourcing jobs to the orange county register and my guess is may soon be closing.

    2) I think the city of west covina should fund anger management classes for both Mayor Hernandez and his commissoner Luis Chacon as they both appear to have problems with women.

  • West Covina Voter

    This matter has nothing to do with Roger Hernandez. Learn to seperate the two Mike. Everyone in West Covina knows how you feel about Roger. You and the rest of the city council act like a bunch of spoiled brats! If it doesn’t go your way you cry and pout. Grow up for the sake of West Covina. You give the city a bad name. Learn from Rosemead. You saw what the residents felt about Nunez and Tran. Two big losers. PS Sit your butts down and stop walking out when the mayor speakes. Have you fools no respect for your own city? This whole crap is getting embarressing. You punks.

  • Dear West Covina Voter

    Sounds like you have anger issues also? The empolyees of the City of West Covina AND West Covina chamber should not be subject to yelling and screaming from Roger or His friend Luis Chacon

  • Business owner

    I am new to the political world and a new WC business owner. What is truly embarrassing is the actions of the Mayor towards his felllow members and the Chambers focus on non business issues. The few meetings I have gone to for the City Council have been embarrassing yes and the spolid brat is how the Mayor acted. How this article may not have anything to do with him, uncontrolled anger is not how our West Covina leaders should represent us.

    I have been involved in other city’s Chamber of Commerce and this one is really strange.

    When board members are threatening their x wife, this raises question with the business of that Chamber. This is not proper conduct.

  • Give it a Rest People

    The case was thrown out because there was no truth or substantial evidence due to the fact that the entire story was fabricated.
    There was no threat to the wife and no verbal or physical violence involved to anyone.
    This article was written to solely clear a man’s name that was slandered and thrown through the mud for no real reason put pure malicious behavior.

    And for those who need aid in interpreting; #5 meant if anyone had any such issue about Luis behavior it would have only been his wife because he was speaking with her. Not threatening, no violence, not anything. It was a common one on one discussion between two married people who are clearly involved in a divorce. And, if anyone of you knows about divorce (which Im sure 80% of you do) discussions are not always so cordial. Open your eyes people. The common man and women have disagreements. If all your unflattering discussions were published Im sure not one of you would come out on top. Think about it that way.

    Why doesnt each and every one of you (all though I believe there are really only a couple people writing these comments to add fuel to the fire) just move on and leave Luis and Carolina to their personal lives.

    P.S. Frank and your cronies, stop trying to slander any more people. You all already look like dumb asses because your case was thrown out as it should have. So just do yourselves a favor and face yourselves in the mirror and deal with reality.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Stop Abuse,

    If you are going to leave comments, how about you educate yourself on the matter and those involved. You sound like a blubbering idiot and have no clue as to what the REAL story is.

  • Curious

    What does all this have to do with the real story of the Director and his employees being fired? Looks like someone is putting up a smoke screen to divert attention from whats really going on at the chamber.

  • Anonymous

    I think the city of west covina should fund anger management classes for both Mayor Hernandez and his commissoner Luis Chacon as they both appear to have problems with women.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Anonymous & What’s Going on,

    Did you bother to get your head out of your ass and stop to think that maybe the women are the problem and not the men, hmmmmmm?? You do realize it takes two. Grow up and get a clue.

    And, point well taken by Curious, this is far from the orginal issue of the board members, workers, etc.

  • Anonymous Smonymous

    This is in regards to the Anonymous who suggested “anger management for women issues”…really, just read that and tell me how stupid that sounds. Anger management for women problems…Wow, not the brightest now are we.

  • Anonymouse

    Wow, some of these blogs sound like someones hit a nerve or two. The Give it a Rest blogger sounds like they have more information than anybody…what did you do go to court??? And how do you know what the judge meant about interpreting #5???

  • Robert C. J. Parry

    I have known Mr. Chacon for two decades, used to attend church with him and knew his kids. He is a veteran and an intelligent man. While I have not talked to him in a while, I would be very surprised to learn that he did anything violent or unprofessional.

    Domestic disputes are unpleasant by their very nature. A man is innocent until proven guilty, last I checked.

    Inasmuch as the judge seems to have found no facts whatsoever supporting even the slightest “guilt,” (and therefor refused the restraining order) I suggest it it none of anyone’s business, and we should let this family sort out their obviously distressed situation without the added stress of media scrutiny, public gossip or politcally motivated insinuations.

    Last thought: If Luis Chacon is opposed by the highly corrupt Mike Touhey, he’s alright by me (and I don’t even live in West Coconuts)!!!

  • Anonymous

    Roger Hernandez was recently spotted in a Las Vegas topless bar.

    What terrible conduct from our local leaders.

  • Stop the crazy comments

    Robert C.J. Parry, It’s nice to hear you are supportive of Mr. Chacon and you know him personally. Im sure Mr. Chacon is appreciative to your comments.

    However, your nasty comments about Mr. Touhey are flat out wrong. Do you even know him? You didn’t state you did and calling him highly corrupt without any proof is discusting. Do you know WHAT he has done that makes him so corrupt? You don’t because it’s not true.

    I am surprised people like the Chamber reps and Council people even get involved since so many people say such lies about them.

    Oh, and four years ago I was at a victory party for Mr. Touhey and Mr. Chacon was there drinking spirits and celebrating with Mr. Touhey. So to say he is against him is new news to me and just another lie.

  • Christina

    Topless bar? Oh really. That’s odd considering he hasn’t been to Vegas in ages. How do I know? Because he’s been hanging out with me, mostly, helping me deal with the death of my mother.

    I know that stupid remark is a total fabrication and a despicable lie, but it makes me furious that some losers will believe it. I’ll tell you the truth about Roger Hernandez: He held my mother’s hand and talked to her as she lay dying. He ran through the hospital and arrived just moments after she died and comforted me and my entire family. He’s been an unwavering supporter and shoulder to cry on for me, and an ear to listen as he, too, lost a parent earlier this year.

    I know politics is politics, but please refrain from your disgusting lies just a while longer as I grieve. No words can express the gratitude I have for him and his entire family who have been unbelievably supportive in the most difficult time in my life.

    Anonymous: You’re a jerk and believe me KARMA WILL GET YOU! It never forgets. At least have the *bleeps* to print your real name.

  • Let it Go

    Dear, dearest and lost Anonymous (I know you are the same person writing all these things.)
    You really are trying your best to smother Mr. Chacon and those associated with him and drag this story out as far as you possibly can. You come across as very sad, miserable and bitter (I wonder why this is and how you yourself are associated). How about you seek counseling and get better and move on with your life. It sounds to me that consuming your self with this particular drama and trying to spin it in a malicious way is your only chance of salvation. Well my dear, your headed in the wrong direction. Plus, you will lose. And I don’t believe “failure” is in your vocabulary. So stop while you have any slight integrity and self value. Move on and get over it for the sake of yourself and those who potentially look up to you. MOVE ON.

  • In Regards to “Stop the Crazy Comments”

    To Stop the crazy comments

    You just timelined yourself. Yes, that was 4 years ago. Alot happens in 4 years.
    But, I agree with you on the,
    “I am surprised people like the Chamber reps and Council people even get involved since so many people say such lies about them.”
    Too true. This whole mess is the exact same thing.

  • West Covina

    Roger Hernandez was spotted in Las Vegas by a few WC residents. They were shocked by his behavior.

    His conduct to women and abuse towards people is terrible. We, the prole of West Covina, deserve better than Roger Hernandez.

    His temper, abusive behavior, and treatment of women is a shame on our great city.

  • A Shame

    Dear West Covina,

    It sounds to me that those who spotted Mr Hernandez had to have been in the same location to know, hmmmm. So were you there too or just playing off this to amuse yourself on hearsay? Enlighten us all why don’t you…

  • What’s Your Deal?

    None of this makes any sense. Who ever is writing comments about Rodger Hernandez, anger management, Luis Chacon’s association with Mike Touhey, etc. has NOTHING to do with anything relating to this story. Why do you insist on bringing people into a topic that has no relevance to anything? What’s your problem?

  • Angry WC resident

    Roger Hernandez is an embarrassing presence in our city. He has no business to talk to people by the way he treats women.

    Anyone that has ever attended our Council meetings understands.

    He is arrogant, abusive, and a corrupt politician.

  • Concerned WC resident said

    Roger Hernandez is an embarrassing presence in our city. He has no business to talk to people by the way he treats women.

    Anyone that has ever attended our Council meetings understands.

    He is arrogant, abusive, and a corrupt politician.

  • Back To The Story

    JM: So what’s up? Haven’t heard anything about the real story of what’s going on at the WC Chamber. Did Lawson and Cabrera get their jobs back?? If the Chamber uses public funds don’t they have to disclose information to the public that supplied those funds??? What was the real reason behind the firing and the reinstatement w/o pay? C’mon there’s a story here and we want to know.