Cedillo hits the SGV pavement

More on Cedillo:

So, Sen. Gil Cedillo kicked off his campaign in El Monte on Saturday, Rebecca Kimitch reports. His surprise endorsement was Congressman Xavier Becerra, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor Gloria Molina and retired congressman Esteban Torres.

Here’s a snipet from the story:

Though the crowd responded enthusiastically to most of Becerra’s words, they were not as responsive when asked who in the room had been directly helped by Cedillo’s efforts.

One of the biggest criticisms facing Cedillo is his relative inexperience representing the area of the San Gabriel Valley that makes up the 32nd Congressional district – which stretches from east Los Angeles, through Monterey Park, Rosemead, South El Monte, El Monte, Baldwin Park, West Covina and Irwindale to Covina, Azusa and Duarte.

By contrast, his leading opponent, Chu, has represented the western part of the district in the state Assembly. But Cedillo, who grew up in Boyle Heights, says his roots are in the area – his parents have worked in the Valley and his family goes back three generations in valley cities including Alhambra and Monterey Park.

Cedillo also said he worked for the entire county when he was general manager of the Los Angeles County employees’ union.

The candidate added legislation he has pushed in Sacramento, as both a state senator and state assemblyman, has served all residents of the San Gabriel Valley, not just his district.

Some of the legislation for which he has fought most fervently is aimed at allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain drivers licenses. After introducing the proposal in consecutive sessions of the legislature, his colleagues began referring to him as “One-bill Gil.”

  • Anonymous

    When I say Carpet! You say bagger! Carpet….. Bagger….. Carpet….. Bagger

  • Lola

    Can we please talk about issues? As an FYI there is no residency rule for legislative seats. The write should have noted that in the article. Shame on the author of this article for using residency to drum up drama. How about talking about which candidate has a better connection with the demographic identity of the district? Come on… SGV Tribune WE NEED THE NEWS not irrelevant smears.

  • San Gabriel Flavor

    There was going to be a big kick-off with a San Gabriel Valley flavor. While it had the celebration of a winning campaign with good v.i.p.’s and turnout, it didn’t have too much SGV representation. Where was San Gabriel Valley’s state senator Gloria Romero? Where was former state assembly member Ed Chavez? Where was the rest of our local officials? Too much east L.A. politicians.

  • Witness


    You are absolutely right. I find it very interesting that the same writer, Rebecca Kimitch and whoever the “asleep at the wheel” editor is listed Senator Cedillo as a “Republican” in the online version of the same article.

    Very interesting “slip up.”

  • West Covina

    Here’s an issue for Lola.

    Gil Cedillo is not a resident of the area!!!!!!!!

    You talk about having a demographic identity to the district then you should know Gil Cedillo has none.

    I don’t know any local elected officials from the area that were at his kick off campaign. I beleive this speaks volumes about how those people feel.

    Why would we as residents and voters want to support a person who has no voting record in the San Gabriel Valley?

  • Anonymous

    It’s a conspiracy against Senator Cedillo to have him listed as a Republican!!! LOL

  • SGV Guy


    You’re correct that there isn’t a requirement. But, that doesn’t make it o.k. for carpetbagging. He’s still an L.A. life long politician just looking for another job since he’d be termed out soon.

    When you say “demographic identity,” is that just a fancy way of saying “he’s Latino and the district is Latino”?

    That’s short sighted, don’t you think? Who has more in common with you, your neighbor of a different nationality, or some guy from downtown l.a. who is the same nationality?

    Cedillo has no real connection to the San Gabriel Valley. He can paint it anyway he wants, but he’s an L.A. guy at heart. And we see how well the L.A. guys take care of us, the SGV, when it comes to transportation money and other federal money. THEY DON’T. They take care of their L.A. cronies.

    I’m Latino. But I’ll vote for a green martian if I know they will be accountable and are FROM MY DISTRICT, not just looking for their next political job.

  • Taxpayer

    I agree with SGV Guy.I’m voting for green martians who will support the San Gabriel Valley and it’s issues.

    I’m also Latino, and I look past the color of people’s skin. I have supported many other candidates from various ethnic backgrounds for over 40 years.

    I have alwasys voted for the person who would best represent my family and their interest.

    I am proud to say that I have voted for African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Native-Americans, as well as various Hispanics.

    My support will be for Judy Chu.

  • Anonymous

    Carpet!!!!! ….

  • Anonymous


  • Informed Voter

    I attended the Kick-off, and for your information their were plenty of local politicians present, along with 500 or more supporters. I also noticed that although the Unions are backing Chu in name, rank and file were their in droves for Cedillo.

    Gil has represented the SGV! He has represented this community and the SGV every time he has defended the working class!

    I will base my decision on who is best for the SGV, not race nor address.

    We need Cedillo in the SGV.

  • Very Informed Voter

    To Informed Voter:

    So which local elected’s where there? Also which rank and file where there?

    Where has Gil represented the SGV?

    Very curious to know. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    How many of the 500 people there are actual registered voters in the 32nd Congressional District?

    Probably none. They are all from East Los Angeles.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous,FYI, if they were from East Los Angeles then they would be from the 32nd Congressional District.

    So I would say a huge majority were registered in the 32nd.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t understand how a few on here have decided for Chu based on the fact that she represents the district?

    The truth is she is an outsider just as much as Cedillo. Her Assembly district only covers 1/3 of the Congressional District.

    How about everyone stops making judgments and begin looking at the candidates qualifications.

    I think you will see that Cedillo is more than qualified to represent our district!

  • Anonymous

    Probably all illegals.

  • Amiga

    Illegals can’t vote you dummy!

  • Can’t Decide

    This election looks to be real close between Gil Cedillo and Judy Chu. I am leaning for Senator Cedillo because he has the experience. But, he needs more people in his camp from the San Gabriel Valley to push me over to his side. People that actually live here and work here. Are you listening Senator?

  • Anonymous

    I think Cedillo is more qualified to represent the district where he lives than the district where he doesn’t. Of course, since he doesn’t vote on legislation, I suppose he represents all areas equally well.

    Chu is on the Board of Equalization. Her district covers nearly the entire county, including all of the 32nd CD.


  • SGV resident

    Lola said: As an FYI there is no residency rule for legislative seats.

    Well heck Lola, if that were true, I’m sure we could find much more qualified candidates if we went looking in another state.

    Truth is, if it were a senate seat, the candidate would just have to live in the state, but for a congressional seat, they must live in the congressional district. Now, exactly were does Cedillo live?

  • Anonymous

    SGV resident,

    WRONG…..Check again!!

  • Azusa Resident

    I want to know who my political leaders are supporting before I vote for a candidate for congress. Attention: Mayor Joe Rocha, Assemblyman Ed Chavez, Senator Gloria Romero, Congresswoman Hilda Solis; who do you support, Cedillo or Chu?

  • Anonymous

    Azusa resident….

    Hilda Solis will not be endorsing anybody.
    Gloria Romero has endorsed Gil Cedillo.
    Ed Chavez has not decided whether he is running or not.
    I believe Joe Rocha has endorsed Chu…

  • Anonymous

    Ed Chavez has not endorsed and he has not been an assemblyman for years…

  • Constituent

    Many local mayors and councilmembers as well school board members and unions are supporting Judy Chu. They are the ones that we trust to run our cities, look after our children and look after our best interest in the work place. These out side congressional representatives that Cedillo has are not from our area. They don’t know and are not aware of all that is happening in the San Gabriel Valley, just like Cedillo. These “outsiders” are totally blind and dumb founded. Judy Chu is the person who has worked for us in the Assembly. She will do the best job for all of us who live in the Valley. That is a given.

  • Jose Mejia

    You mean Assemblyman ED Hernandez… He endorsed Judy Chu. Chavez was a backbencher for the state assembly, they treated him like a kid brother in the back.

    Here is a List of Chu endorsments: http://www.judychu.net/endorsements.htm

    Here is a list of Cedillo endorsments: http://www.gilcedillo.com/endorsements.html

    As you can see Judy Chu has the local support while Cedillo has the outside support. My thoughts are that Chu will take it by about 2-4,000 votes. Cedillo will have an easier time running in his own neighborhood.

  • Anonymous

    Cedillo should stay in his own neighborhood. Let him clean up his own “back yard” first.

  • No Thanks

    If Gil Cedillo will fix up the East San Gabriel Valley like he has fixed up East LA, No Thanks! You have been in office for how long and East LA is no better off. Like the previous poster said clean your backyard first, At the present time the way East LA looks you don’t even deserve another term where you currently serve.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want my city looking like East L.A.!

  • Anonymous

    “Informed Voter” stated there were plenty of local politicians in attendance.

    Does anyone know which local elected’s were at
    Gil Cedillo’s kick off??

    Can you name a few??

  • Anonymous

    I was at both Judy Chu’s and Gil Cedillo’s kickoff events. There were approximately 500 community and union members in attendance at the Cedillo kickoff event. In contrast, there were approximately 50-75 people at the Chu kickoff.

    I am a union member and our County Federation has endorsed Chu; however, most of our rank and file will always be with Cedillo. Everybody in labor knows what Cedillo has done to save jobs. This was evident when one looked around and saw how many union members were actually there….and yes, many of us live in the district and have signed up to walk precincts in order to get Cedillo’s message to our communities.

    Please do your homework…He is the best candidate for the SGV.

  • Anonymous

    That’s funny. Judy Chu’s kick off event isn’t until this Saturday March 14.

    Anonymous, I beleive your full of B.S. about attending both events.

    It is evident you work for Gil Cedillo.

    Go back to East Los Angeles and take all your Mafia Union Members who want to rape the San Gabriel Valley.

  • Anonymous

    No….I do not work for him. And yes, I was at the Chu kickoff. The Chu campaign is having a second kickoff….Due to the dismal attendance of the first one. Ask around it is not a secret.

    The below was taken directly from the San Gabriel Valley Tribune….There are even pictures..Check em out!!

    “State Board of Equalization vice chair Judy Chu, left, from Monterey Park, kicked off her campaign on Friday February 27, 2009, in El Monte, to win the U.S. Congress seat vacated by Hilda Solis who was confirmed as Labor Secretary recently. Chu was backed by area politicians and community leaders sitting next to her.” (SGVN/Staff Photo by Raul Roa)

    Good luck!!

  • A Constituent from the Valley

    Caught in the act of lying. Shame,shame on Gil Cedillo’s campaign people. Chu’s Kick Off Campaign Event is this Saturday, March the 14 at 4153 N.Maine and Palm in the city of Baldwin Park at 9am. I can’t wait to attend. It will be great to see local elected officials and talk with them about the next Congresswoman Judy Chu. Keep it real people.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, it is true… This will be her second event. The first was her kick-off with about 50 people in attendance. The one on the 14th will be to open her office in Baldwin Park. Maybe another 50 will show up.

  • Anonymous

    Chu’s first Kick-off was so pathetic that her supporters on this blog were not even aware of it. Here is the article so you don’t accuse others of lying.


    From the pictures it looks like a massive 50 people in attendance. HAHAHA

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous March 11, 2009 2:10 PM,

    Does this include the union mafia of firefighters, police officers, nurses, and doctors who live and vote in the 32nd Congressional District?

    Not all union members live in East Los Angeles. We (union members) embrace the same things Senator Cedillo does; stable employment, safe neigborhoods, public safety, good schools….How is this “raping” the SGV.

    Rape is such a harsh word.

    You need to stay off the blogs. You are hurting Judy Chu more than you are helping her.

  • Anonymous

    A Constituent from the Valley,

    I wrote the comments that you were referring to. Let’s get things straight… I was at both campaign kickoffs, and no I am not with Cedillo’s campaign. However, I do believe and apology to the Cedillo campaign is in order. Accusing somebody of lying is a very serious matter. Embarassing yourself on this blog is running a close second.

    Do your research before you post.

  • Anonymous

    Again, screw all of Cedillo’s crony mafia union people who’s only interest is to line there pockets!

    He has no business in the San Gabriel Valley, neither do these so called “union rank and file”.

    What have they done for us?

    You say we are hurting Judy Chu’s campaign, but I’m a Cedillo supporter.

    I live in the area that Senator Cedillo currently represents, and he has done nothing for us.

    The only thing he has done with our tax payer money is pay for his plastic surgery!

    Do your research on that!

  • Anonymous

    Well, on ther bright side, if the Chu bloggers here didn’t know about her previous campaign event, you can’t accuse any of us of working for Dr. Chu, can you?

    I probably won’t be able to go to Baldwin Park on Saturday, either. But I will vote for her, and I’ll contribute money to her campaign. She did an excellent job representing me in Sacramento for six years and she’s got the intelligence, skills, and experience to represent all of us in Washington, DC.

  • SGV Insider

    The “campaign kickoff” of Chu’s that is being referred to as having already taken place was actually a media only event, in other words, media only (and speakers, of course) were invited. It was simply a way to get her official campaign announcement out to the media. The fact that 50 people showed up to a simple media press conference shows that Judy is going to have NO problem meeting and exceeding Gil’s total of 400 (I am told by people who attended that it was likely closer to half that, 150-200 there) when she holds her own campaign headquarters kickoff this Saturday.

  • Anonymous


  • Jorge Marquez

    I can’t help but to laugh at many of the comments on this blog from both sides, and as an active member of the Democratic cause in the SGV I just wanted to clear some things. I just wanted to make it clear to people that Dr. Chu had a Press Cnfrnc not a kick-off on the day that a couple you are talking about. Press Cnfrncs do not have high turn out because it was for the press, not really for the public. Dr. Chu’s campaign Kick-Off will be this weekend. I don’t doubt that Gil Cedillo and Judy Chu can’t draw crowds, I’m sure both do very well. But in contrast a winning campaign doesn’t spend their own time harping awaying behind a computer. Go out there and make contact.

    Also, It would be helpful to use vaild names and emails and not be use “Anonymous”

  • Jose de la Isla de San Juan de los Lagos

    Jorge Marquez bite me!

  • Anonymous

    SGV Insider,

    Trust me, the 500 people at Cedillo’s kick-off was a conservative estimate. If this was a media only event, who were the 20 people photographed at the back of the room holding signs? Family members?

    Give me a break……

  • Anonymous

    Jorge Marquez,

    I guess it is fair to assume that in order to be a member of the “Democratic cause in the SGV” one does not need to know how to spell.

    Your posting is a train wreck!!

    Jose de la Isla de San Juan de los Lagos: I’m with you!!



  • Jorge Marquez

    Excuse my spelling then, but attacking me doesn’t help.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous March 12, 2009 2:24 AM ,

    Plastic Surgery….Come on now!! Please take your medication, put the wine glass down and go to bed. 2:24 AM is much too late to be posting. Read your post again, you are completely irrational.

    Why are you so angry?

  • Anonymous

    Jorge Marquez

    Then walk a precinct or phone bank for one of the candidates. Just leave us alone!!

  • Jorge Marquez

    I do :o) I walk, talk and gave a donation to my candidate. I just hope people get more involved no matter who it is! This is a great time to rope people in since the 2008 election.

  • Resident and Voter

    I am looking forward to Chu’s kick off evevt. I for one want to hear as to how she plans to serve our many diverse cities in the Congressional District. Let’s see how many people show up. I am sure that she will have a huge turn out no matter what anyone says. She is very bright and knows her stuff as a legislator. I wish her well at her event. I invite all who have a concern to attend and meet and talk with her. See you all this Saturday in Baldwin Park.

  • Resident and Voter

    I am looking forward to Chu’s kick off evevt. I for one want to hear as to how she plans to serve our many diverse cities in the Congressional District. Let’s see how many people show up. I am sure that she will have a huge turn out no matter what anyone says. She is very bright and knows her stuff as a legislator. I wish her well at her event. I invite all who have a concern to attend and meet and talk with her. See you all this Saturday in Baldwin Park.

  • Chris Cama

    Damn! Cedillo supporters attack like wolves if someone says something neutral. Run Jorge! Run!

  • Covina Resident

    Jorge Marquez,

    Are you the same guy that is overweight, has a pizza face and is a paid staffer for Assemblman Ed Hernandez? Are you also the same loser that ran for the Covina city council with Hernandez’s financial support and got globbered twice?

  • Anonymous

    Why? If he is, does that mean his advice to get involved is invalid?

  • save services
  • Ian Jones

    To Covina Resident of March 16th:

    How easy is it to sit behind a computer and attack people like a 5 year old? I really would not know since I have the courage to post my name to my comments. And so does Jorge. I happen to know Jorge Marquez and I can say from personal knowledge that he has more decency and respect than whoever you are. All he is saying is that he hopes people get out and vote and are involved in this special election. That is it. And who cares if he works, is a student, or whatever? I do not. To call someone “pizza face” and ask if he is the “overweight one” is immature and completely uncalled for. There is a time and a place in politics to disagree on policy and ideology. However, there is never a place in politics to levy ad hominem attacks.

  • Reasonable Voter

    That Shallow Covina Voter is embarrassing to say the least! To make personal comments is really uncalled for and out of line. Don’t bother to describe what you see in YOUR mirror. So glad you’re on the PC where we can’t see your face! The ISSUE is the May 19th Election, stay on the topic!

  • Anonymous

    Jorge Marquez, I love how you look phyically with your pizza face and all.

    I’m sure all the chicks dig you.

  • Another Covina Resident

    This is exactly why no one cares about politics. Those who are semi-interest get turned off by coming to this site, or others, and read how people hide behind pseduo-names and attack Jorge because he probably knows more facts about this campaign than you idiots can count how many times you have spoken with the opposite sex. Who cares if he spells something wrong, has a job in politics, or a “pizza face”. Did that porn site deny your moms credit card at 1:10 this morning so you decide to come on over here and say stupid opinions? #1 Rule in public debating is to not attack your opponent because it shows a sign unintelligence. Stick with the policies and not the public charade. That just happened.

    -Pedro Saucedo

  • SGV Resident

    I understand that many of you already have your favorite candidate for the 32nd District Congressional seat. I don’t at the moment so I went out of my way and attended both campaign kickoffs to get a feel for each of the candidates. I know many of you have your own biased opinions of who you are voting for, but as a San Gabriel Valley resident I really wanted to meet both candidates so that I can make a better informed decision on my own of who I would like for my representative.
    That said, two weeks ago I attended the Cedillo kickoff which was held in the city of El Monte, which can be said to be the heart of the district. The very first thing I noticed when I arrived, was a line of about 12 students that were helping out greeting the incoming people and asking all those arriving if they wanted to help out by phone banking or walking. So right from the start I saw there was a great sense of enthusiasm toward this candidate. I also noticed there were tons of people at the kickoff; it was a very diverse crowd made up of students, women, men, entire families with their young children, teachers, school board members, union members, veterans, many local elected, as well as many big names, such as LA County Supervisor Gloria Molina, Congressman Xavier Becerra, Assembly member Calderon, and many others, ALL of which are vigorously and actively supporting Senator Cedillo. I noticed that the atmosphere was very welcoming; when Cedillo arrived, he was greeted like a rock star because the community was very interested in greeting him and taking pictures with him, from the time he arrived to when he made it to the stage for the kickoff to begin it took him about a good hour. I was very impressed by how open and receptive he was in just walking about the room thanking people for their support and just greeting them. I also noticed that Cedillo was there with his family and grandchildren which I felt brought a special touch to the whole occasion. There was a lot of positive and upbeat energy, and everyone seemed very excited about Cedillo running for the Congressional seat.
    On the other end, this past weekend I attended Judy Chu’s campaign kickoff, which was held in the city of Baldwin Park. This kickoff also had a good crowd, however it was not as large or diverse as the crowd at Cedillo’s kickoff; I noticed that the majority of people that attended this kickoff were men and women that seemed to be between the ages of 35 to 70, there were few students, a lot of the people seemed to be from the east side of the district (West Covina and Covina); however, there were two big names that attended showing their support for Chu, which were State Controller John Chiang, whose speech was very motivational and Assembly member Mike Eng. There were also some local elected such as Mike Touhey, West Covina Councilmember. There were also a couple of men there from Asian media. I noticed that when Chu arrived she didn’t come through the front door. She came in through a back door, which I thought was kinda odd like she was hiding from people. Right away I noticed that she did not work the room going around saying hi to people, she just staying at the front where the little stage was. She took a few pics with the attending councilmembers, the State Controller, and the union members, but not with other people from the community, so there was no real interaction there. Her speech was very bland, it seemed like it was not heart felt. I guess after seeing such a great vibe and feeling such high energy from the Cedillo kickoff, Chu’s just seemed colder for some reason because the vibe at this kickoff was more low key, not a very excited or upbeat crowd. I also got a weird vibe because some of the Union Members that attended seemed like hommies that had just been given a sign which read “Vote for Chu,” when I saw them I felt like they had been hired to be there. I don’t mean to be critical, but that’s what it looked like.