La Puente cash flow

La Puente is getting $327,889 in federal money, and they’re using it for improvements along Main Street.

The Main Street Reconstruction Project extends about a mile, between Bamboo Street and Laura Avenue. It will include new pavement and improvements to the sidewalks, curb ramps, striping and utility covers.

“This is a very important project simply because of the amount of traffic we have going down Main Street — not only pedestrian traffic, but vehicular traffic,” Mayor Louie Lujan said.

That area of town — mostly residential — is a major exit and entry point between La Puente and Azusa, Lujan said.

“It’s a very nice bedroom-type of community right next to Azusa,” he said. “It’s nice access to shopping and the 60 Freeway, right up against the golf course.”

The state will administer the funds, according to a one-page staff report.


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  • Anonymous

    The improvements along main street are not needed, what is needed is better security at the parks and school.
    The streets are fine, that money should go to a security company for the safety of the school and parks to make sure our children can play safer.