Rosemead gives a fond farewell

Now that the election is over, it’s time for the results to really sink in.

It was the last Rosemead City Council meeting for John Nunez and John Tran last night. Newcomers Steven Ly and Sandra Armenta will be taking over for them, alongside Margaret Clark — who was re-elected — and the rest of the council.

I just sifted through the beginning, end and public communications portions of the meeting, but it didn’t sound like Nunez or Tran commented about their departures.

In fact, it was the residents who spoke out — mostly saying that they were happy with the work the two did, and sad to see them go.

Even kids who helped out in the Johns’ campaign came out in support of the outgoing councilmen:

Here’s some general quotes:

“Mayor Tran, I have seen you conduct the City Council meetings with order. You are well-mannered, polite man and respectful of others … Be careful not to give place to the deceit and viciousness allowed to be spit out by a very few of your supporters. For without it, you may have won this election.”

“I’ve never spoken at a council meeting until tonight. John and John, I’m proud of your accomplishments over the last four years. You did a great job of bringing Rosemead into the 21st century.”

“I hate to think it’s going to go back to the way it was (tight wallet). “I hope things that were established will stay in place.”

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it great that Rosemead meetings can now be viewed remotely, via the Internet? It’s just one of the many improvements our city saw in just the past four years. Glad to see so many people stand up and give John Tran and John Nuez their due.

  • Rosemead

    Good bye to Tran and Nunez. I hope they never come back to Rosemead or any other city for that matter. Especially Nunez. What a total jerk.

  • Rosemead

    What was the final absentee ballot outcome? Are Clark, Ly and Armenta still ahead? When will the city clerk make it official?

  • The Truth

    No need for those two…they only supported their friends and not the best interests of the citizens of Rosemead. The last four years have been a joke. The entire country thinks Rosemead citizens were idiots for allowing the shenanigans that these two supported was allowed to go on for their full terms..

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, the entire country. . Now *that’s* a total jerk. He wouldn’t know The Truth if it bit him on the behind.

  • Anonymous

    Try the entire San Gabriel Valley within LA County. Tran and Nunez made their own bad luck. They got what they deserved. A kick in the pants!

  • Anonymous

    Poor, bitter Truth. Even in victory, he is angry. Maybe it’s the $300K+ Maggie, Stevie, and Sandy cost the city in just their first two weeks in office. You’re doing a heck of a job, Maggie!

  • Resident

    Thanks to these three great individuals the city of Rosemead will now get good, ethical leaders. They are left with the diffacult job of cleaning up the city. Thanks to Tran, Nunez and Polly it will cost time, money and hard work. I have total faith in our new Mayor and City Council.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, very ethical of them to get together in secret and decide who would be the new city manager. And it only cost the city taxpayers $340,000 for this “new direction.”

    But what do they care? It’s not *their* money.