Tran loses by 27 votes ***

For those of you wondering, here are the final numbers in the Rosemead election:

Margaret Clark: 2,231 votes
Steven Ly: 2,100 votes
Sandra Armenta: 2,084 votes
John Tran: 2,057 votes
Henry Lo: 1,849 votes
John Nuez:1,556 votes.

Close call.

****Thanks to the commenter who noticed my complete brain fart. Henry Lo got 1,849 votes, NOT Polly Low. She’s in the middle of a term. 

  • Anonymous

    27!?!?! And who say “your vote doesn’t count.”


  • Anonymous

    Tania, Can you check your figures again. Polly Low did not even run! You might mean Henry Lo.

  • Anonymous

    Voting *should* count, but not all the ballots mailed to city hall were counted.

  • Anonymous

    Can someone get Tania some “Brain Beeno” for her “brain farts”

  • Rosemead

    Tran doesn’t have a chance. It is so over. Move on and get a job. You did what you could. Good luck to you.