Add another name to the hat

Another candidate for Solis’ former seat:

David Truax for Congress Post Office Box 5082
Covina, CA 91723
Contact: David Truax, Candidate


David Truax to run for 32nd District congressional seat.

David Truax, community volunteer and former Mayor of Covina, has announced that he will be running in the special election for the U. S. House of Representatives, 32nd District of California.

David moved to the San Gabriel Valley with his family in 1962. He grew up in Covina, attended schools in the Charter Oak and Covina Valley Unified School Districts, earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Operations Management from Cal Poly Pomona, served six years of active duty in the United States Navy, and founded a small electrical design business that he has owned and operated for the last twenty-six years.

David is a Republican and has been a community activist and volunteer for the past thirty-eight years. In 1999, David was elected to the Covina City Council, serving his last two years as the Mayor of Covina. He continues to serve as a volunteer police chaplain for the Covina Police Department.

“The best way to stimulate the economy is to return tax dollars to the people who pay taxes”, says Truax. He strongly advocates returning congress to the six basic responsibilities of the United States Constitution as outlined in the preamble. Truax says, “Congress has particularly fallen short of their assigned goals of forming a more perfect union and of securing the blessings of liberty.”

Married for almost twenty-nine years, David has three children. He attends Faith Community Church in West Covina where he is a founding member.

“The most important need of the 32nd District today”, according to David, “is the need to send a trusted, discerning, hard working representative to Washington, one who is connected to the community and who will fight for the needs of all of the people in the district.”

  • Anonymous


    Sounds like a Dr. Seuss character.

    I would not vote for him in a car….

    I would not vote for him in a bar…

  • Reader

    Excellent, the more the merrier. Dont know Mr. Truax personally but have heard of him because of his past history in Covina. Would like to hear more about him and his stance with the current economic crisis, unemployment, keeping businesses open, area infrastructure, and others unique concerns to the San Gabriel Valley.
    Regarding the previous comment, why is it that it is so easy to tear someone down for no other reason but because you dont know him? Mr. Truaxs decision to step up to the plate to represent us is admirable from the public service perspective and exposing himself to ridicule, character assassination and other malicious acts. It is just shameful how cowards as yourself, Mr or Mrs Anonymous, hide behind a key board and throw damaging comments from the safety of your cave or wherever youre at! And we wonder why more honest, hard working people dont step up like Mr. Truax and instead more often then not we have to make due with liars, corruption, and other cave dwellers to represent us. I have total confidence and admiration for Hilda Solis who vacated the seat and others such as Dr. Ed Hernandez but they are just a couple among so many less then desirables

  • anonymous

    Not another clown from Covina. Where do they pop up from? Have him apply at Jack in the Box. He has a much better chance.

  • Chris Cama

    Look what we have here, another “anonymous” comment personally attacking people on the blog. Why don’t you be a grown up and use your real name like a couple of us do. I think the Tribune website should really read everything before it’s posted. Or at the very least have a log-in component such as the why you need to verify letters to the editor with your address and phone number.

  • Anonymous

    On another note, did the tribune send anyone to cover the forum last night?