Bye bye Bonifacio

The city attorney known for his late – and high – billing habits resigned from his post as Rosemead’s legal defender on March 19, reporter Rebecca Kimitch confirmed today.

Bonifacio Garcia was hired on April 3, 2007, the same day that the city was slapped with a lawsuit by a former city employee alleging that former Councilman John Nunez subjected her to sexual harassment. The lawsuit was later dropped and there was a settlement, and officials have said that Garcia’s hiring date was just a coincidence that it fell on the same day the lawsuit was filed.

During the time that Garcia was employed, he charged the city more than double the amount it budgeted for legal fees. Garcia and Nunez worked together at the Garvey School District.

The City Council will consider hiring Joe Montes of Burke, Williams and Sorensen as the interim city attorney.

  • James I. Flournoy

    Joe Montes has been doing an excellent job as attorney for the Rosemead Community Development Agency (Redevelopment Agency). The promotion is deserved.
    Burke Williams and Sorenson have also served the City as Special Council is Election and other matters. Good Choice.

  • James I. Flournoy

    John Nunez was on the Garvey School Board when it hired Bonny Garcia sometime in the last century. John left the Garvey Board and moved to the Alhambra High School District Board. Garcia has been retained by Garvey. Former Mayor Bob Breusch said at a recent Rosemead City Council meeting that Garcia had saved the District many dollars in legal fees. Perhaps Garcia should have been hired by Rosemead earlier. Nunez remembered Garcia’s work from Garvey and suggested him for Rosemead where he was hired after a competitive interview by a majority of the Council.
    Lots of deferred maintenance still to be cleaned up folks.

  • Anonymous

    Well it is about time Bonifiacio hits the road once and for all. He has taken the city for a ride. The majority of three let him write his own paycheck. There needs to be a system of checks and balances put into place in Rosemead. This kind of abuse must never take place again. It goes to show who this attorney was only concerned about his bank roll and not the city. Now the real work begins in cleaning out the house. Roll up your selves Councilmenbers!

  • James I. Flournoy

    Anonymous said
    This kind of abuse must never take place again.

    You never get more than what you pay for.
    Under Jay and Gary the City attorney was paid to just sit there, cover his ears and eyes and keep his mouth shut.
    To bad as Peter Wallin was a decent chap.

    Another example of the “three monkeys” version of City Attorney as practiced before Garcia.

    The City applied for and was given a large Grant to produce a Disaster Hazard Mitigation Plan. This is the kind of plan that New Orleans did not have for Katrina and which Rosemead does not have for the “big one”.

    Jay, Gary, and Maggie let a contract to the cheapest outfit they could find. They could have found a better product on the internet. The Alhambra Fire Department did a better job. The only worse result that I’ve see is EMUHSD.
    Now the story differs. Either Rosemead never finished the DHMP or it was REJECTED by the state.

    Our new administration under the leadership of John Tran and John Nunez got the project underway again.

    Meanwhile Rosemead is not in compliance and has taken funds without accomplishing the task.
    A claim could have been filed under the Federal False Claims Act.
    Garcia assured me that the plan would be produced ASAP and last week I confirmed this with Oliver and Bryan.
    Expect a public scoping meeting soon.

    Garcia was paid to keep little problems from becoming big problems.

    Anon said”
    “Roll up your selves Councilmenbers!”

    There is still lots of work to do cleaning up 20 years of Jay-Gary-Maggie.

    Will Maggie and Gary want to fix the problems or continue to be the problem?

    Do not expect Joe Montez to keep his eyes closed.

  • Anonymous

    What a sore loser John Tran turned out to be. He would not vote to approve the election results. The voters of Rosemead made it clear as to who they wanted to represent them in city hall. Tran lost by 5 votes. Apparently he stormed out of the council chamber in a puff of smoke. Then he kept sticking his head in, as Clark was sworn in as the Mayor and Taylor the Vice Mayor. What game is he playing? He looks and acts like a kid of 6. He hasn’t have a clue that it is over. Will someone please show him the door.

  • The Truth

    Well Jim, if Bob Breusch hired Garcia then he was wrong then and let the record show that you are in support of Tran, Breusch, Lo, Nunez, and Garcia.

    Will you ever say one nice thing about Taylor or Clark?

    That is called bias and as a matter of fact, ignorant and incapable of compromise. We see what side you are on…the selfish, egotistical, money-grabbing side.

  • James I Flournoy

    Anonymous is posting to the wrong thread- post on the story front page upper left

    John Nunez left the Garvey Board around 2003 and Garcia was hired in 2007- good memory John.

    Talking about unneeded legal expenses.

    I just got a CPRA notice from the City Clerk from a request put in Feb 12. This letter should have been sent within 10 days of Feb 12 or Feb 24. She is asking for a 14 day extension which should have been up March 10.
    Evidently our building official still cannot find his files.

    That’s the problem.
    The penny pinchers on the Imperial era City Council shorted the record keeping system for years. Former Assistant City Manager Don Wagners files are in unmarked un indexed boxes in the basement as are the files of Brad Johnson and most everyone else.

    Garcia was working with our new staff to get record keeping under control, get the index computerized. Trying to find anything now is VERY expensive. Want to remodel your house and want to see your file- lotsa luck.

  • Jim Flournoy

    The Truth said:
    Well Jim, if Bob Breusch hired Garcia then he was wrong then and let the record show that you are in support of Tran, Breusch, Lo, Nunez, and Garcia.
    That’s the truth

    Will you ever say one nice thing about Taylor or Clark?

    Pay attention truth
    I say nice things about Gary all the time- he does watch our money
    Maggie is a hard working councilperson, does her homework.
    look at the record
    don’t just blow it out your hat

  • Jim flournoy

    Hot off the press
    Garcia saves Garvey School District on the order of a quarter million dollars
    Settles lawsuit brought agains GSD by vexious litigant.
    Litigant had previous suits against GSD and it’s trustees.

  • Stephen

    Mr. Flournoy:

    Do you really support Bonifacio Garcia and his representation of his various clients–including the City of Rosemead and school districts in San Diego County? You should Google him for articles about his actions to date.

  • henry

    Is this the same Jim Flournoy who has wasted a lot of taxpayer dollars with a number of frivolous lawsuits against the City of Rosemead?

  • The Truth

    Cleaning house…Most are glad to see them all go.

    Some would rather have fiscal conservancy than free-spending fleecing.

  • Orson

    To learn more about attorney Bonifacio Garcia, you can review a wide range of articles about him at

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, fiscal “conservancy,” because they’re too stupid to know what to do with taxpayer money–except fire highly qualified city employees to pursue a personal vendetta. Nice way to show where your priorities are, Maggie. $340,000 for a feel-good move. Good for Maggie. Not good for Rosemead taxpayers.

    We know also know Mike Lewis’ priorities are. He has his little minions post irrelevant articles all over the Internet. It’s amazing that he PAYS peons to do this, but I guess it’s his money. You all must be very proud of your work, huh, Orson?

  • Reva

    In San Diego we refer to Bonafacio Garcia and his buddies as the Mexican Mafia…a bunch of good old boys–a la latino style who want to make California safe for “la raza” You’re lucky to be rid of him and his big spending ways.

  • Alfredo

    For more background information about Bonifacio “Bonny” Garcia, see The site provides a substantial number of informative articles about Mr. Garcia.

    Clearly, the City of Rosemead is better served by Mr. Garcia’s departure. Will Wasco get rid of him too? Stay tuned!

  • Espei

    Bonny is my cousin and let me tell you he stole thousands of dollars from his own family. We asked for it back and he refused.