Chavez won’t run; supports Cedillo

This just popped into my inbox:

Assemblymember Ed Chavez (ret.) announces he will not run for Congress and Endorses Gil Cedillo

El Monte, CA – Former Asseblymember Ed Chavez, who has represented parts of the San Gabriel Valley for over two decades in public office, has announced he will drop his bid for Congress and support Senator Gil Cedillo. In various offices over the years, Chavez has represented about 70% of the 32nd Congressional District. Most notably, Chavez served for six years in the California State Assembly and ten years on the La Puente City Council.

Chavez’s announcement makes him the third prominent elected official to announce they will not run for the 32nd Congressional District and instead back Gil Cedillo. Senator Gloria Romero and Senator Ron Calderon surprised many pundits in January when they both elected not to run for the vacated Congressional seat and threw their support behind Cedillo.

“After much consideration, I have decided not to run for Congress,” said Chavez. “Gil Cedillo understands the needs and priorities of this district and I think he is the clear frontrunner in the race for the 32nd District. We need Gil in Congress fighting for the San Gabriel Valley’s fair share and I am proud to be supporting him.”

Ed Chavez was born and raised in La Puente and still lives in the same home he grew up in. Chavez has spent most of his career as a teacher in the San Gabriel Valley. He was first elected to public office in 1987, earning a seat on the Board of Education for the Bassett Unified School District. In 1990, he ran for and won a seat on the La Puente City Council and he was subsequently re-elected to the Council in 1994 and 1999. From 2001 – 2007, Chavez represented the 57th district in the California State Assembly. Chavez currently serves as a member of the Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District Board.

California’s 32nd congressional seat was vacated after Congresswoman Hilda Solis was confirmed as the new Secretary of Labor. The Los Angeles County district encompasses a swath of the San Gabriel Valley from East Los Angeles to Covina. An election date for the special primary election to replace Congresswoman Solis has been set for May 19, 2009.

  • Anonymous

    Just another sorry politician who’s time has passed and trying to be in the limelight again!

  • Anonymous

    Ed Chavez is making a smart decision and his endorsement will help Senator Gil Cedillo in this race. Question: Why didn’t Judy Chu lock up this endorsement first, weren’t they in the State Assembly together?

  • Anonymous


    We all know you are Ed Chavez. The question is: Why not just admit it?

  • Anonymous

    Ed Chavez and his wife are Swingers.

  • Anonymous

    There goes Judy Chu’s supporters bad mouthing Senator Gil Cedillo and his supporters. Stick with the issues. Senator Cedillo is a strong leader for the San Gabriel Valley.

  • the Truth

    Ed Chavez – please change your mind and run for this seat. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing pathetic politicians lose, as you would have had you stayed in the race.

    Does his endorsement mean anything? He couldn’t even get his wife elected to fill his vacated seat. Probably because the voters saw the truth behind his motives.

  • 626 resident

    “Senator Cedillo is a strong leader for the San Gabriel Valley.”

    I think Michelle Obama would be as strong a leader for the San Gabriel Valley as Gil Cedillo. So would numerous other people that don’t live in the SGV. However, regardless of that potential talent I want someone representing me in congress that is FROM the SGV, that LIVES in the SGV, that KNOWS the SGV.

    Gil Cedillo is NONE of these things. And no amount of spin will change that. He’s an L.A. guy, and as great as he may be (and I don’t concede that he is), he has no connection to our region or the people that live here.

  • Anonymous

    It looks like Gil Cedillo scored the tri-fecta. He is endorsed by our san gabriel valley leaders, Senator and Assemby Members Calderon, Romero, and Chavez.

  • SG Valley

    No biggy.

    Chu still has the endorsement of major unions and Hilda Solis.

  • Anonymous


  • SGV

    Anonymous, you coward. Do you have anything viable to say than attacking someone personally. You are just upset he is an elected official again and is still making a difference.

  • anonymous

    Chavez is a nobody. I don’t care who he endorses. Cedillo is only familiar with LA. Don’t try to say that he knows the cities in the San Gabriel Valley. He doesn’t know squat. He has never taken an interest in any of these cities. Just like Calderon. He does not visit cities that he represents. Three peas in a pod. Out of touch with their constituents. Give me a break!

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Cedillo is a decent person that cares about the San Gabriel Valley. Not only is he endorsed by Gloria Romero, Ed Chavez, and Ronald Calderon, he is also endorsed by Supervisor Gloria Molina. These are the people that we look up to and helped me decided to vote for him.

  • The Truth



  • Anonymous too

    Of course Gloria Molina will support Cedillo. She doesn’t want to be the only representative of the San Gabriel Valley that doesn’t know where it is. Who the hell ever drew the district lines that included East Los Angeles with the San Gabriel Valley? I am so sick of being under the thumb of representatives who think we exist only to further the agenda of East L.A. Look how Glorious Gloria pushed the MTA sales tax so we could pay, but not get any service. Has Glorious Gloria done anything to try and get any trauma centers in the San Gabriel Valley? Nope, but they sure don’t miss a chance to tax us for them.

    Elect representatives who live here and know what our needs and problems are. No more East L.A. carpetbaggers.

  • Jim Flournoy

    In supporting our future congresswoman Judy Chu, we are holding a Meet and Greet at the Amberwood Condo Club house.
    Date : March 28, 2009 (this Saturday)
    Time : Afternoon 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

    Bring a friend.


    Amberwood Condo – Club House
    8324 E. Rush St.
    Rosemead, CA 91770

    Between San Gabriel Blvd and Walnut Grove Ave in the shadow of Rosemead Wal-Mart

  • San Gabriel Valley Resident

    We need Gloria Molina and others to fight for the san gabriel valley. Now she has another alley in Senator Gil Cedillo.

  • Valley Resident

    Senator Cedillo needs to clean up his neck of the woods first. His cities look like a third world country. If he hasn’t made improvements to LA what makes him think that he will do anything for the San Gabriel Valley? It just ain’t going to happen. He is too LA minded.

  • James I. Flournoy

    For Us Republicans living in an overwhelming gerrymandered district fair redistricting cannot come too soon.
    Until then the choice between “One Bill Gil” and Judy Chu is clear.
    Judy has represented ALL of us in the San Gabriel Valley well.

  • Chris Cama

    Email me these court papers about Chavez!!!! I heard about these “rumors” but if true then hell! it’s funny :

  • Anonymous

    Sorrry I mean not hotmail

  • Anonymous

    This race is about country and honor. There is no one better in this race than Senator Gil Cedillo. He has my vote.

  • Anonymous

    An earlier writer mention a trifecta. They are right. The winner will be decided in a photo finish. Gil Cedillo wins by a nose.

  • Cedillo Observer

    Looking at Senator Gilbert Cedillo’s list of supporters one fails to notice a great man. Not only is Senator Cedillo being supporter by Gloria Molina, Ed Chavez, Ron Calderon, and Gloria Romero, he is also be supporter by former Congressman Esteban Torres. Mr. Torres lives in the district (West Covina) and votes in the district. He represented the San Gabriel Valley for 18 years in Congress. If he is supporting Gilbert Cedillo then Gilbert Cedillo is the right guy to vote for and to represent us in the San Gabriel Valley. Thank you Mr. Torres.

  • Ricardo

    The fact is this is a Latino seat and should be kept Latino! Cedillo for congress!

  • Jose Mejia

    Ricardo, I know someone half Latino, a quarter white and a quarter Asian. I think he should for congress!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ok… So I have heard the same argument from Chu supporters on this blog for over two months now! This he is not from here business is getting old and truthfully is a really pathetic argument.

    How about we talk about issues for a change. After all, it is all about what the next Congressperson will do once in office and not where they live that will affect me as a resident of the 32nd.

    If I owned a business, I would search far and wide for the best candidates and not just my local vicinity. I want the best working for me, and the best might not be my neighbor, as much as I like my neighbor, and as much as I think he/she knows my neighborhood.

    You see, the issues of healthcare, education, and the working class have no boundaries! Gil Cedillo has been aggressively addressing these issues for his entire public life! Legislation and issues he has fought for in Sacramento have positively affected the working class of the 32nd Congressional district for many years already.

    Learning about a community and its people is easy. He already knows this community well, and now, with his campaign he is continuing to learn more about it and its residents. Residents just like the ones he has fought for all his life!

    I want a fighter! Someone who is going to represent the interest of the people of this community! And the truth is, that the 32nd is a working class community.
    Working class is what Gil knows best! He is far more qualified to represent the 32nd than Chu.

  • Anonymous

    Cedillo fights for the ILLEGAL aliens. He wants health care and education for those that have no legal rights to be in this country. The only thought he gives to the citizens, is how much more money can he take from them to give to the ILLEGAL aliens.

  • Anonymous

    So you must not approve of Judy Chu either then since at the debate she shared that she supported everything you just listed about Cedillo.

    Yes, Judy Chu, like Cedillo, want to protect those that take care of the dirty work in society pay heavy regressive taxes and take out much less than they put in!

    Here is one everyone can agree with. Chu and Cedillo both want to defend the defenseless.

  • Anonymous

    To say that the concern that cedillo is not from the district is “pathetic” is short sighted and not grounded in reality.

    This is a regional seat. Its a seat that requires advocating for a constituency that is unique and historically forgotten anytime the city of los angeles is part of the equation (which is always on regional issues).

    Even if cedillo is a “fighter,” and a great legislator (which I don’t concede that he is), the fact that he is carpetbagging into this district has implications that are both real (no real connection with the sgv, its residents and its issues) and perceived (career politician just looking for his next job regardless of where it is).

    Los Angeles already has the balance of power in its favor with its respective might in legislative bargaining, when compared to the oft forgotten/ignored san gabriel valley. Why would we want to give our only seat, our only voice in the federal government to another L.A. Career politico?

    You can’t argue that he will be able to effective legislate with the sgv in mind just by “getting to know” the sgv. We are a unique region, with unique people and unique problems. you can’t take a crash course on a district and be as effective as some one who has spent most of their life here.

  • Anonymous

    Cedillo is puro east side. We like the hommie. He ain’t bad. Just another dude who wants to make a difference

  • Concerned in West Covina

    Judy Chu and her husband Mike Eng are typical politicians that show their faces everywhere, but have no real results. What legislation have they championed besides raising money from special interests and cutting deals for leadership and higher posts. Judy runs for Congress than Mike runs for State Senate or BOE?

  • Cato Loco

    Cedillo is a Vato Loco. We are happy that he will help our families. Especially the illegal undocumented ones. All us Mexicans will soon take over all the cities in San Gabriel. Nevermind if we are here illegal of not. That is why Cedillo is our leader. He will protect us no matter what. Viva Cedillo.

  • Anonymous

    I think Ed Chavez did the right thing in endorsing our State Senator Gilbert Cedillo.

  • Anonymous

    I am sad to hear that Mr. Ed Chavez is not going to run for Congress after all. He has been a great leader for the San Gabriel Valley and would of been a great member of Congress as well.

  • Anonymous

    Ed Chavez and his wife went on lavish trips on the taxpayer dime. He is the worse excuse for an elected official in the entire valley. He is corrupt.

  • Ed Chavez is a Chicken…a small chicken

    Read this article people:

    …”Among the Democrats who dominate the Assembly, some…Edward Chavez of La Puente…abstain more than others.

    Chavez, for example, was present but did not vote on 13 of 35 contentious bills voted on the Assembly floor in May and June…

    Chavez declined to speak on the record about why he abstains so frequently…”

  • Reasonable Voter

    I’m glad Ed Chavez dropped out, there’s already too many candidates so now we’ll 90% sure to have a run-off for this seat in July.