• jmdesign

    A sparkling example of why this guy isn’t wanted as the mayor of Rosemead. A fine example of civic character.

  • Anonymous

    More power to John Tran. I certainly don’t see anything wrong with him on a video. I actually thought it was entertaining.

  • Rosemead

    Give me a break! This video has vulgar language for one. A wanna be questionable politician wanting to appear as a deputy. Please!!! Fine message this music video sends out to our youth. These are exactly the kinds of lyrics and images that send out a negative message. A message of gangs, drugs, guns, prison life, and every other glorified “gangster lifestyles.” John Tran really hit rock bottom on his acting career. He should of portrayed the part of a inmate. It would of suited him quite well. What a idiot. Thank God he is history.

  • videoman

    What a clown!!! this lack of judgement on his end further defines what a poor representative and embarrasment he was to this City!

  • Call me silly

    I thought the song was about Taboo’s regret over his DUI. I don’t particularly see any message of “gangs.” Although, I’m sure while shooting this video, John could have knocked on five more doors during his campaign….

  • Anonymous

    My nephew thinks that this video is totally showing that drugs and gangs are in total control.
    Who but our own kids know what the message is about in a musical gangstet video. This is another piece of crap that should not of been made. Too bad that John Tran only thought of himself and not the message that this video was going to combat.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, please stop making up imaginary family members and imaginary conversations.

    The video is entertainment. In this entertainment, Tran is playing the role of law and order, not gangs and disorder. No bad message there, other than that we’ve got a very diverse community, and law enforcement officers come from all sorts of backgrounds.

  • jm design !

    Is anonymous really J. Tran?? The world wants to know !

  • The Truth

    The truth is John should have left is power-hunger ego at the door when he was mayor and served the people of Rosemead. Instead he thought he knew it all. Much like this video, bad judgment. He should have been reading the agenda, researching the pros and cons of issues he was voting on and what the citizens of Rosemead wanted and needed and not his developer friends.

    The only thing I like about the video was the ending statementslearn from your mistakes.

    Leave the hard work to Taylor and Clark and the new council members to make the right decisions and not get caught up in the hype.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, it takes a lot of work to vote for a sweetheart contract for $100/hour with an “interim” city manager that either 1) only one of the city council members even spoke to before making the offer, or 2) a majority of the city council spoke to, then deliberated in secret before having this contract drawn up.

    Yes, you can always count on Maggie and Gary to break the Brown Act. They’ve done it before and they’ll do it again.

    And, hey, any idea why such a wonderful city manager left El Segundo without any explanation? And why, if his last job paid less than $180,000 and he wasn’t qualified to stay there, then why was Maggie so eager to offer him even more to come to Rosemead?

    This is just the first of many ill-considered giveaways. Rosemead taxpayers, beware!