Weekend round up

Montebello Councilman Robert Urteaga is being sued for fraud, Amanda Baumfeld reports. The lawsuit comes several years after Urteaga was charged with grand theft, a felony.

Cities across the San Gabriel Valley — except for Rosemead — are pulling the plug on community events like July 4 parades and Easter Egg hunts, Alfred Lee reports.

Gregg Industries is getting ready to close in a month, but employees are working just as hard as they normally do. And when they are out of a job, many are wondering where they will go, Rebecca Kimitch reports.

If there’s no sign telling you that you’re entering the San Gabriel Valley, how will you know? Well, one group of people is proposing that a bridge become the area’s welcoming sign, Nathan McIntyre reports.

  • anonymous

    Is that the same Robert Urteaga who is working on Gil Cedillo’s election campaign?
    Good to know that integrity and ethics is high on their list of campaign priorities…yeah right.