City retiree medical and pension costs: UPDATE

As requested, here is a .pdf that includes the list of 24 cities in the San Gabriel Valley that details pension and retiree medical costs.

Retiree costs city by city[1].pdf

Top five highest pension costs in 2007-08

1. El Monte: $12.1 million    Total employees: 327

2. West Covina: $9.2 million   Total employees: 429

3. Montebello: $7.8 million    Total employees: 428

4. Arcadia: $6.7 million   Total employees: 286

5. Sante Fe Springs: $6.5 million   Total employees: N/A

  • Anonymous


    I don’t see which city correspond to what number for pensions. Are you sure that’s correct. Aside from the first table, the rest of them are confusing.

  • anonymous 2


    Can you also update your list to all cities in san gabriel valley?