A not-so hairy job, but somebody’s gotta do it

No one ever said being a local elected was easy. And if you ask Baldwin Park Mayor Manuel Lozano, he’ll tell you the proof is in the hair.

During the city’s annual State of the City address on Friday, Lozano joked that when he was first appointed to the Planning Commission in 1992, he had a fuller head of locks.
“I used to have a lot more,” he said. “So I don’t know if being a politician is bad for your hair.”

Regardless, some might argue it’s worth it considering the strides Baldwin Park has made in the last year — and even prior to that.

The budget has a surplus, crime is down 29 percent since 2005 and millions of dollars in capitol improvement projects are in the pipeline, Lozano said.

“It’s times like these that test cities and times like these that make us stand up,” Lozano said. “In difficult times, government must be strong enough for those who are hurting.”

Longtime Baldwin Park resident Nadine Galindo summed up the address in one sentence: “I just wanted to go out the doors and yell, ‘I’m so excited to live in Baldwin Park!'”

More to come about the address in tomorrow’s paper.

  • To brainless Lozano

    The only thing I can say is BS the tribune wrote a one-sided story asking only council buddies about the speech and the facts that the crime is down and the city is truly in the black is all a numbers game of BS. The mayor forgot to mention in 2 years his great team has done nothing to redevelop the city only harm the longtime business and citizens. He has restricted what business can come to your city and forced many out of town. The mayor forgot to tell you after 2 years the home depot still has day labors all over due to Lozano and the Garcia’s mishandling of the problem. We don’t need another 2 years of this crap it is time they go.

  • Anonymous

    Damn…someone is bitter…

  • Baldwin Park Resident

    Mayor Lozano has been good for B.P. and we hope he continues his stay in office. As for who is brainless that must be brain dead Tuttle and his CARA crew. A bunch of malcontents that just want to keep this City low income.


    I agree with the above poster. Balwin Park continues to improve. This City Council has been responsive to he City’s needs.