One more endorsement for Cedillo


It wouldn’t be a week in news with the latest tidbit out of the 32nd Congressional District race.

Officials from Gil Cedillo’s camp announced Friday that Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton is endorsing the senator in the race for Hilda Solis’ former seat.

Cedillo has also been endorsed by Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca.

The running tab so far for the race: Cedillo, financial analyst Emanuel Pleitez, state Board of Equalization head Judy Chu, West Covina resident Jim Hetzel, Covina resident David Truax and restaurateur Theresa Hernandez.

The official deadline to enter the race is Monday.

  • West Covina Resident

    Who cares if Chief Bratton endorsed him.

    All the local police chiefs in the 32nd district endorsed Judy Chu. Now that’s a real statement.

    Has anyone seen the crime rate Los Angeles has?

    Chief Bratton, do yourself a favor and focus on reducing crime in your own city before you endorse someone who has no real interest in our district.

  • Anonymous

    West Covina Resident,

    The Chief law enforcement officer of the County of Los Angeles and the former Police Comissioner of New York City, and current Police Chief of the City of Los Angeles both endorse Senator Cedillo, and you attempt to down play it? I think the residents of the 32nd District are smarter than that.

    Keep in mind the Sheriff and his deputies cover their fair share of the 32nd Congressional District….East Los Angeles, South El Monte, South San Gabriel, Valinda, Duarte, Bradbury, Rosemead…

    Congratulations Senator Cedillo!!

  • Anonymous

    It looks like the law enforcement community is rallying for Senator Cedillo. Good job, he is the right person for the San Gabriel Valley. With other community leaders (Gloria Romero, Gloria Molina, Ed Chavez, Ron Calderon, Estaban Torres, Manual Lozano, etc.) supporting him, Cedillo looks like the favorite in this race.

  • Anonymous

    Is he running for a seat in LA or SGV?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous April 4, 2009 11:22 AM,

    32nd Congressional District. Take a look at the district map! The last time I checked it the San Gabriel Valley was still in Los Angeles County.

  • also anonymous

    It doesn’t really matter what the “district map” says. We passed term limits, so these career politicians changed the residency requirements to hold office within the state – you DON’T have to be a resident of the District, heck you don’t even have to be a resident of the State until you actually take office. This is one of those “loopholes” created by guys like Cedillo that needs to be changed.

  • Anonymous

    The actual police and sheriff officers have all endorsed Chu. It’s just the politicians that sit at the big desks that are backing the carpetbagger.