More from my interview with ‘Monk’

Yesterday I did an interview with actor Tony Shalhoub who stars as Monk in the USA Network television show of the same name since they were filming parts of an episode in downtown Covina. While we got some quotes from Tony Shalhoub into the newspaper, I thought I would post some more of the interview here since it was a rare opportunity to take 15-20 minutes to talk to the award winning character actor.

A producer for the show said they didn’t know when the episode they were filming in downtown Covina would air because the show isn’t serialized so the show order won’t be determined yet, but they start airing in July. “You’ll just have to watch” he said. But he did say he had a feeling this would be one of the stronger episodes, so it may be early in the season.

Here are the quotes from Shalhoub:

On it being the Monk’s eighth and final season:

“I have a feeling it’s going to be our best season. I am not just saying that.”

On what he will take with him after the show is finished:

“I think I have become a little more observant in the way Monk is so focused on the smallest details. When I am examining something, I seem to have more patience for it.”

On being a character actor and the rise of character driven shows on television:

“It adds diversity and variety to television. It is more fun to do a character than to be just a mouth piece.”

“There are some (television shows) that are about the headlines, or the story … or the high tech as opposed to being about the odd or in our case funny characters. And that is thing thing, all the characters on Monk are slightly off.”

On Monk’s popularity:

“Is he charming? I don’t know. It’s not my job to make him charming. That is more the writing and the trappings of the show. And at times he isn’t charming. He can be self-centered and insensitive to other people’s problems.”

On playing the same role for 8 years (One of my favorite quotes from the interview):

“There is a danger it can become less interesting. But the writers have done a good job of changing it up. They have written in good contradictions. People are complicated and contradictory. It makes it more well rounded, more human. I always get kind of … sort of taken a back when I hear ‘my character wouldn’t do that.’ In life, we do things that aren’t really predictable. There are moments where we are more adventurous and more careless than other (moments).”

On what people can expect in the final season:

“The writers are determined to solve (Monk’s wife’s murder) case for sure. That will release Monk somewhat, give him some closure then. It will be a part of his recovery. A cure, maybe not 100 percent. They will also probably figure out a way to get him reinstated into the police force.”