‘Eager to participate’

West Covina City Council met last night, and among the items on the agenda was a request by Councilman Steve Herfert to discuss Mayor Roger Hernandez’s recent inquiry about being quoted in city press releases.

As Councilwoman Shelley Sanderson explained it, this was not intended to be an attack or “gotcha Roger” moment. It was just an attempt to clarify the city’s policy, she said. She added that the reason Hernandez had not been included in any of the recent press releases was because there have not been any grand openings of businesses since he’s been mayor, and all of the times former Mayor Sherri Lane had been quoted was on grand opening stories.

Here’s the email exchange between Hernandez and Freeland about the issue:

From: Mayor Roger Hernndez
Sent: Friday, April 17, 2009 5:41 PM
To: Chris Freeland
Cc: Mike Touhey; Shelley Sanderson; Sherri Lane; Andrew Pasmant; Sandy Galvez; Thomas Bachman
Subject: Re: Press Releases


Thank you for your quick response and research. I may not have been clear when conversing with you and inquiring about the inclusion of a Mayor’s quotes in press releases. My request was not that the Mayor be quoted in every press release. Rather, my request was to be informed as to whether it is practice to refrain from including a quote from the Mayor in ANY press release issued by the City. It seemed odd that after several months as Mayor, I had not been asked to contribute quotes and have, indeed, not been quoted in a single press release since the commencement of my term. I do recall that previous Mayors had been quoted. As I shared with you, I am not seeking to be treated better or be given any privileges not afforded to others. I sincerely hope you did not leave with that impression. I only want to be treated equally, and certainly no worse. However, thank you for answering my question and confirming that the Mayor is quoted in, at least, some press releases. I think it is best to continue that practice, and for staff to continue to use their judgment in determining when quotes are appropriate. As spokesman for the City, you can understand that I am eager to participate in the same way that other Mayors have done in the past. I do look forward to assisting the City in the preparation of future press releases. Please let me know how and when I can assist.



Roger Hernndez
City of West Covina

From: Chris Freeland
To: Mayor Roger Hernndez
Cc: Mike Touhey; Shelley Sanderson; Sherri Lane; Andrew Pasmant; Sandy Galvez; Thomas Bachman
Sent: Wed Apr 15 18:13:09 2009
Subject: Press Releases

Dear Mayor Hernandez,

The other day you requested that City staff include quotes from you in each of the press releases that are generated by the City. As I mentioned to you, past practice has been to include quotes from the Mayor in some, but not all the press releases. For example press releases that promoted a grand opening included a quote and other significant programs and projects had a quote from the Mayor. We have not historically included a quote from the Mayor in every press release that is generated, for example the canceling of an event, invite to attend certain City activities, etc. After further discussions, to include a quote from the Mayor in every press release would be a change in the past practice that would be something for the City Council to review for the possible development of a clear policy for City staff to follow.

Chris Freeland

Deputy City Manager
City of West Covina

1444 W Garvey Ave South, West Covina, CA 91790
(626) 939-8402 direct | (626) 939-8406 fax


  • Anonymous

    What a primadonna. “oooh, oooh, oooh, quote me! QUOTE ME!!”

  • Anon

    The City is facing a MAJOR budget deficient! And the Council is worrying about who gets quotes in the paper? They actually spent time on this? What a colassal waste of everyone’s time!

  • Anonymous

    The City is facing a “Major budget deficient”

    Well if by “deficient” you mean deficit, then I guess you should blame your ENTIRE city councl not just Hernandez. Although he is the Mayor this type of Mayorship is really nothing more than a rotating glorified council seat. So to imply that he is single-handedly responsible for the cities woes is letting the rest of his colleagues whose participation and invovlement in decisions were indispensible off the hook too easy.

    But then I guess have nothing to do with making sense, let alone a cogent proposition.

    As usual, it’s about scoring empty rhetorical points

    Do you children respect you?

  • Roger Hernandez the EGO MANIAC

    Roger has a major EGO.

    Dude needs to calm down and get over himself. This guy is an ego-MANIAC!

  • WC Voter

    Roger is nothing but a egotistical, big-nosed, bully.

  • WC Gal

    “it seemed odd that after several months as Mayor, I had not been asked to contribute quotes and have, indeed, not been quoted in a single press release since the commencement of my term.”


  • Anon

    Yes Anonymous, my children respect me. How about you, considering that your reading comprehension is deficient?

    My post said nothing about any particular council member. The point was that this Council (Yes, the ENTIRE Council) spends too much time on petty politics and infighting and not enough time on the City’s business.

    A very serious problem is the budget deficit and determining what services to maintain and what to cut. If they don’t do anything (other than fight), the situation will just get worse.

  • coucil regular

    To those who make blanket statements about the city council should attend a meeting. It’s not all of them that are causing the problems btw!! It’s ONE…Hernandez. He is rude and demanding to everyone. Makes up stuff about others, expecially Mr. Tohey. All I see is others standing up to Hernandez’ attacks. What’s sad is if Hernandez was not there, I would bet there would be NO fighting!

    And your deficit, the other night one of the council members stated the city car sales are down like 45%. The Mall sales like 25% down. You can point your fingers at people but you all know well and good our economic situation is bad and the city council is doing their best given the circumstances.

  • ME ME ME ME!!!!

    Roger Hernandez needs to grow up and stop embarrassing our city.


    Anon, you don’t seem to get it. The City has budget meetings to discuss budget issues. The item for the press releases was to discuss a problem, created by Hernandez. That’s what is done so the staff people can do their job without having difficulty.

    And it should be known, Hernandez has issues with aggressing staff. There are two employees sueing Hernandez for his ways. Look how he treated Police when they came to his home for a call. He shut his garage door on the police according to police reports. He picks fights with his fellow council people and then it’s their fault? Does anyone out there see a pattern?

    I feel bad for anyone that has to work with him. And now I heard he wants to run for an Assembly seat.

  • Anonymous

    Hernandez is a slime ball politician.

  • Anon

    Staff is working on next year’s budget. But that night, how many staffers were stuck at the council meeting listening to them argue and play petty politics.

  • Anonmustsee

    Oh please Anon, the only one on that counsel that argues and plays petty politics is your boy Hernandez. Get a clue, grow up and move on!

  • Anon

    Who said Hernandez is “my boy”? Believe me, I’m trying to “move on”. The antics that go on with this council and city give West Covina a bad name.

  • Anon

    Who said Hernandez is “my boy”? You have me mistaken for someone else. And believe me I am try to “move on”. The antics that go on in West Covina are embarassing. Think about it – does Pasadena ever have this infighting and arguing? How about Burbank? Riverside? Pomona?

  • Council regular

    Ummm, yes – Anon, councils do argue. Ever watch any government body, and you will see… But you don’t get it… As already pointed out, if it weren’t for Hernandez there would be no fights. I watch the meetings and the council all have different views on things but the ONLY obstructive person is Hernandez. Look at his track record. In most governmental positions, there always seems to be that one or two members that make a fuss. You are throwing the baby out with the bath water if you think all members are being petty, and you really don’t watch meetings.

  • WC Corruption and Terrible Mayor

    Roger Hernandez is now supporting Gil Cedillo. This is just glimpse into his character Anon. A few weeks back he was seeing “buddying” up to Judy Chu.

    No back bone Anon.

    Get a life, we deserve better here in WC Anon. Hernandez is rude and demanding to everyone. Makes up stuff about others. And This “girl friend” of his is touting herself around our City Hall as an “Attorney”. We checked and she has not even passed the bar. This guy is bad news.

    Anon, when will you learn? Our Council meetings are jokes with this guy as Mayor!

  • WC Anon

    West Covina deserves exactly what it gets.