Fighting words from Cedillo’s camp

I was wondering just how Sen. Gil Cedillo would be combating Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s endorsement of Board of Equalization Chairwoman Judy Chu.

And then I got a press release from Cedillo’s media reps reminding us that it is the voters, not endorsements, that will decide the winner of the 32nd Congressional eat, left open after Hilda Solis took the job as Obama’s labor secretary.

This release follows a press conference today where Villaraigosa formally announced his endorsement of Chu. The photo to the left was taken at the 108th annual Golden Dragon Parade.

The Cedillo press release goes on:

It was Gil Cedillo, Supervisor Gloria Molina and Senator Gloria Romero who stood up to Villaraigosa and the other L.A. politicians and said there would be no Proposition R unless the San Gabriel Valley got its fair share of the proceeds. The efforts of Senator Cedillo and his allies were successful and thanks to them, there are 1.8 billion dollars allocated to local transportation projects that benefit San Gabriel Valley families.

Gil Cedillo is a proven leader who has taken on those big money special interests for years to help workers get better wages and benefits. He took care of the people of the San Gabriel Valley when Antonio Villaraigosa and the L.A. powerbrokers wanted to take their tax dollars and literally send it down a hole under Wilshire Boulevard.

By standing beside Antonio Villaraigosa today, Judy Chu has shown that she will cozy up to the entrenched political interests, the C-E-Os and wealthy campaign contributors and take care of their interests in Congress instead of putting the hard working families of the San Gabriel Valley first.”

  • SGV

    You know Cedillo’s in deep trouble when he goes negative. This pathetic press release makes it obvious that he is unfit and unqualified to be a member of Congress.

  • That’s funny

    Cedillo, who did you cozy up with to get that $120,000 you spent on fine dining and European trips? If you’re going to blow that kind of cash and run for Congress at LEAST you could have spent some of it in the San Gabriel Valley. There are some good restaurants here too, but I guess you wouldn’t know.

  • anonymous

    Cedillo needs to buy tacos from the taco truck. That is more his style. Tone it down Cedillo. Show us your real barrio colors. It is ok to be You!

  • Anonymous

    To the previous “anonymous”…

    I’m latino. I have seen Judy Chu in action and I admire her and will likely support her bid for Congress.

    That said, It’s really alarming and alienating to hear some of you who I presume are claiming to be her supporters make racist comments like the previous post.

    When you utter the vial things you utter, rigthly or wrongly, you tarnish Judy Chu’s name as well. When you utter your hate-filled nonsense you put those words into her mouth in the minds of many.

    She will need to be a leader for ALL of the San Gabriel Valley if she wins and we will need to have an environment of cooperation not polarization among ethnic groups when that happens…not bigotry and mistrust. That benefits no one.

    I support Judy Chu and her candidacy but I really hope that those of you with very little intelligent or constructive things to say would just shut up and crawl back under the rocks you no doubt emerged from.

    I you work for the campaign and are posting vial statements like this on the internet, you really should consider resign from the campaign. Judy doesn’t need people like you tarnishing her good name.

  • anonymous

    Or maybe they are not Chu supporters but instead are Cedillo operatives trying to make the election about race???
    Sort of like having Betty Chu run so that voters are mislead on election day.
    Smells like Cedillo to me…

  • AV

    I’m don’t really think Antonio’s endorsement is worth much. When all votes were counted in the mayoral election, he garnered just above 52% which is pretty enemic given he had no serious opposition.

  • Yankee Bravo

    I know Molina opposed Measure R (That’s MEASURE R, not Proposition R–just another example of a politician that doesn’t know what he’s talking about). I would not be surpised if Romero opposed it, too. If Cedillo also opposed it, then that’s one more reason to vote against Cedillo. That means Measure R passed DESPITE their opposition. Now, if YOU were MTA and had money to divvy up, where would YOU send it? To help the politicians who backed Prop R, or to help the ones that opposed it?

    Opposing Measure R was all about grandstanding. What’s “fair share”? The money should go to where in the region it will do the most good. Turns out a lot of the Westside IS gridlocked. Yeah, traffic on the 210 is also bad. However, just look at the ridership numbers. There’s no way that the Foothill Extension will have any significant effect on 210 traffic.

  • CA-32 Resident

    I thought I would remain apathetic to this race, as I have in many before. Both Judy Chu and Gil Cedillo in my opinion represent more of the same, and neither one of them would have been worth my effort to take the time to vote.

    But what initially hooked me was a young canvasser that came to knock on my door. She was volunteering for Emanuel Pleitez, our home-bred candidate that was an Economic Advisor with President Obama’s Transition Team. Until she showed up, I had not heard from him. She made quite a convincing case; though what caught my attention the most was that she encouraged me to do research on all the candidates since there are 12!

    I must admit that I have, and the more I read the more dissatisfied I’ve become with the track record of both Gil and Judy.

    I find Emanuel Pleitez to not only be the most inspirational candidate, but also the most qualified to represent us on the Hill, given the set of issues that are most pressing for our community, namely, the economy and education, as well as immigration reform and healthcare.

    I do not intend to speak in favor of Emanuel Pleitez, but to share my story on how I became engaged in local politics again. I challenge you to invite the disenfranchised members of our community to do their research and check out the options, especially since main stream media does not have the time nor, perhaps, interest to provide a more comprehensive picture of the race.

    So far, only Emanuel Pleitez’ campaign has taken the time to knock on my door and call, and they’ve done both a number of times already. I can’t wait for them to swing by again so I can offer them some snacks for them to take on their way.

  • SGV

    Seriously, these Emanuel Pleitez posts from his staffers are getting old. They are always long and drawn out and claim not be in “support” of Pleitez but simply stating their opinion. Forget it Pleitez, you are not Obama!

  • Please clarify

    Pleitez Staffer, I mean, CA-32 Resident,

    What exactly did Pleitez advise the Obama administration on, for all of the two months that the transition team was in existence? If you’ve been reading the news at all you would know that the Treasury department is badly understaffed and highly criticized for its approach in the last few months. Perhaps it’s because their star “Economic Advisor” decided to leave the team to run for Congress before he actually accomplished anything? Then again, the “Transition Team” is just a fancy title given to donors and the well-connected post-election, so perhaps he had no responsibilities to begin with.

  • Anonymous

    SGV Voters,

    Please be advised “That’s funny said” “SGV “, “Yankee Bravo” and “Please Clarify” are all the same person. Please do not be fooled!!

  • Yankee Bravo (and no one else)

    Hello to the poor, anonymous and lonely Pleitez supporter, and to the poor, lonely, and anonymous Cedillo supporter (and note I am using the singular): Just because you’re the only one posting in support of your candidates doesn’t mean Judy Chu is similarly bereft of supporters!

  • Joe Worker

    Stefan is the person to vote for.
    Most of the people I know don’t vote for any of the above – becasue all politicians are the same and there is no point.

    If someone doen’t act like a politicians – even if they have no political experience – I am going to encourage people to vote this one time – I think we need to take money out of the system – and Stefan Contreras Lysenko is the only one I see who is really reaching people.