Rosemead interim city manager on the outs?

It hasn’t been very long since Jeff Stewart took over the Rosemead interim city manager position — and he’s already got one foot out the door.

Stewart is in negotiations with the city of Los Alamitos for a permanent city manager position there, which means Rosemead could be out of a CM really soon.

Stewart took over after Oliver Chi resigned earlier this month, and city officials said they had hoped to keep Stewart on permanently.

“Though our desire was to have him full-time in our city, we knew there was possibility he would be leaving us,” Councilman Steven Ly said. “Our goal was we needed to have a quick change in direction of the city to acknowledge the voters’ desires … If (Stewart) does end up leaving, I’m sure we will begin our search process sooner rather than later.”

  • Way to go, Rosemead CC

    Well, who’s “We”? There was no interview of this candidate by the city council, so how did “we” learn he might be leaving before “we” hired him?

    Steven, Steven, Steven: The goal shouldn’t be a “quick change.” The goal should be, first decide WHERE you want to go. Then hire a city manager who can get you there. Change for the sake of change is a symptom of ADD, not leadership!

  • Anon

    Good for Stewart. He should leave as quickly as possible! The politics that goes on in this area is ridiculous.