BP’s Lozano says he’s “vindicated” in China case

I just finished writing up this story. There’s much more meat to it, but I was limited on space. This week’s Leftovers column will have more ….

BALDWIN PARK — A criminal probe of Mayor Manuel Lozano following his 2007 all expense-paid trip to China concluded the mayor broke no laws, authorities said Thursday.

Deputy district attorneys with the DA’s Public Integrity Division began the probe in September. They had received a complaint that Lozano took the all-expenses paid trip, but never claimed it on his statement of economic interests.

In a letter dated April 13, Deputy District Attorney Juliet Schmidt said that Lozano’s trip was paid for by the Chinese government, and did not need to be reported.

“As I said from the beginning, I had not done anything wrong and if I needed to amend my forms I would do it,” Lozano said Thursday. “I wasn’t worried about anything. I hadn’t committed any crime.”

Local businessman Greg Tuttle, who said the review stemmed from a separate grievance he filed last year with the California Fair Political Practices Commission, said he was disappointed with the decision.

Tuttle had alleged the trip was paid for by a local businessman.

“(The DA) asked everyone that went on the trip if the Chinese government paid for it,” Tuttle said. “But they failed to do the one thing: (show) the Chinese government paid for it.”

Tuttle said he would continue to pursue the matter with the FPPC, which is still actively investigating the case, according to Executive Director Roman Porter
Lozano previously said the trip was paid for by a bank in Rowland Heights.

But on Thursday, he said he knew all along it was paid for by the government, and simply had not clarified his statements before.

According to Schmidt’s letter, because witnesses confirmed Lozano gave speeches during the trip, he did not need to report it on his statements.

  • Anonymous

    How the hell would someone show that the Chinese Government paid for the trip? Tuttle is an idiot. I’m so tired of reading about that dolt.

  • anonymous

    Why in the hell would the Chinese Government pay for Lozano to visit their country?

  • To Clueless

    To the ignorant people who think you can’t prove who paid for the trip. If you haven’t heard it is called receipts and the paper trail. The Da asked all the people who would have a significant reason to lie to tell them who paid for the trip, Oh the chinese government paid for it. The DA stated why would these crooks lie. Oh golly maybe to save their ass. This is why the white collar crimes are hard to prove lazy DA people and they just ask the people questions without showing the proof. When the IRS ask how these deductions are legal you have to prove it but not in the legal system in LA. The main people asked were connected to the chinese association in walnut they have been trying to get a foot hold in this area with giving these trips out to Irwindale and many other surrounding city officials. have taken. I wonder what is the reason for these trips who is getting the benefit here it definitely is not the citizens of these cities.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I’m sure the chinese govt is real good at maintaining a paper trail and issuing receipts.

    Even google is censored in china. Read a book.

  • To Tuttle a.k.a. Cletus

    Chalk another one up on your looooong list of failures!

  • The BPvoice

    As usual, Tuttle comes up with his bogus facts. Tuttle, you big fake, everybody knows you are trying to make the council look bad (except one).You think they will give up on 1290 if you stay on them. We know your agenda fool. Your such a loser. You and CARA look more stupid all the time. Come election we are going to end your farce by letting all of you know were you stand with us. Which is we can’t stand you and your carpetbagging crony’s. This City will unite against you and your loser friends. By the way, who you think is you friend on the council will turn on you. And you can take that to Vegas.