First Cedillo disses endorsements, then he touts ’em

This press release from the Gil Cedillo campaign touts his endorsements from the mayors of both Baldwin Park and Irwindale. This after the Cedillo campaign dissed endorsements.

Here’s the gist:

El Monte, CA – Baldwin Park Mayor Manuel Lozano and Irwindale Mayor Larry Burrola have retracted their duel endorsements in the race for California’s 32nd Congressional District to throw their full support behind Senator Gil Cedillo

“The race to succeed Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis is too important
not to make a clear choice. After weighting the field of candidates
carefully, I have decided to pull my endorsement from Board of Equalization member
Judy Chu and throw my full weight behind State Senator Gil Cedillo,” said
Mayor Burrola. “He is clearly the most qualified candidate to represent the
working and middle class families of the San Gabriel Valley.”

“Senator Gil Cedillo’s is one of California’s top crime fighters and
a key advocate in the Legislature for improving our schools,” said Mayor
Lozano. “In Congress, Gil Cedillo will be a voice for the issues that matter most
to Baldwin Park and I am proud to endorse him”

  • Chris Cama

    All Latino All the time! I see how some elected officals work. Shame….

  • SGV

    Too little, too late. First, why would these two mayors initially endorse BOTH candidates then state they retract one? How ridiculous.

    On another note, I think we should be asking why GIL CEDILLO JR., “One Bill Gil’s” son, is getting paid $80,000 from taxpayers money as a “district coordinator. I wonder how he got that gig.

  • what?

    WWWHHHAAATT! $80,000! That’s too much for a young guy like him! Average salary is $60,000 which I read! Regular staffers make around 30-40K

    What people do for their kids! The tribune should really do a story about salaries from these greedy politicans! Mario Beltran was fired because he was stashing away money for himself and now works for Gil “buy me a new suit” Cedillo. Political favors go along way in Los Angeles politics!

  • What?

    I forgot google Cedillo staffer “Mario Beltran LA Weekly” you will a great story! It has what everyone wants in a story Crime, Sex, action, lies!!! What else can you ask for!

  • anonymous

    Well at least Cedillo is endorsed by the heads of some of the finest hotels, restaurants and stores in the world.

    Well at least for as long as his slush fund holds out….

  • What?

    Well what about Jack, Ronald McD, The Burger King, Wendy, and Col. Sanders? Do you think they don’t support Cedillo because of his fine taste in foods? They seem more like the LIB types, and not so much Reps or Dems

  • Anonymous


    Why don’t you ask Gil Jr’s boss why he feels the kid is worth that much? You know as well as I do that he does not work for his father but is employed by another California State legislator.

    Nice try on spinning it so that voters of the 32nd think that his “daddy is employing him”.

  • What?

    No not his daddy. But his daddy’s friend is

  • Anonymous


    “Epic dude”. You are quite sophisticated!

  • Anonymous

    Just another example of Cedillo staffers forced to defend the undefendable: Cedillo gets a friend to give his boy an overpaid staff job. In return, Cedillo gets a friend’s kid an overpaid staff job. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.